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Kairi dal - Ambe dal

Maharashtrian kairichi dal - Ambe dal

Hasi majjige huli - Karnataka yogurt curry

Hasi majjige huli - Karnataka yogurt curry

Karnataka Vangi bhaat

Pudina pulav - Mint pulao

Maharashtrian batata rassa. Potato, onion and tomato curry for chapati.

Pineapple curry in sweet and sour gravy

Garbanzo beans  chickpea curry for poori, paratha, chapati or bhature.

Tomato gojju is a side dish from Karnataka served with chapati  or poori.

You are here because you

  • are looking for free vegetarian recipes online as you are vegetarian.
  • have now become vegetarian and want interesting recipes.
  • want to become a vegetarian and are exploring for healthy vegetarian diet.
  • Just want to see if the vegetarians eat only grass, plants.

What you will get from this vegetarian recipes site

  • Free Online Recipes for Healthy Vegetarian Dishes with step by step instructions.
  • Save money by making the restaurant recipes at home.
  • Be considered a good cook by family and your kids. You know The kids are your best and worst critics.
  • Use these health giving recipes and improve and maintain good health.
  • Impress your friends and relatives at parties by making these recipes.
  • Make the dishes on this site and gift them to your friends and relatives.
  • Tips for Healthy diet.
  • Kitchen Cooking Tips

We are always adding vegetarian recipes, so bookmark this site and check back often.

Vegetarian Cooking tips and Vegetarian Recipes are getting popular. More and more people are turning vegetarian. Plant based recipes are nutritious for various reasons.

Vegetarian food helps you in weight loss as well as in maintaining health. Do you think that vegetarian diet means eating only boring, tasteless plant food?

Go through this site, you will find the variety of tasty vegetarian food recipes. Family and friends have tried out and liked all these vegetarian recipes.

I am sure You will like them too and make them in your kitchen. The homemade food is what connects us to our family and family traditions.

Just think about a happy meal that you had with your family. If you like the spicy hot recipe, you will find that here. If you like milder version, there are tips to make that milder too.

You will also find many basic Kitchen Cooking Tips. These tips would help you when you make vegetarian recipes or any other type of recipes.

You will also find information about the Cooking Ingredients Glossary. I have given the ingredient names in English as well as some Indian languages. We are also adding with information about the nutrition.

I enjoy cooking and I like to talk about, read about and write about food. I enjoy sharing a meal with friends.

Come into my kitchen! If you like cooking, help me! Otherwise just watch me cook a vegetarian meal and then share a meal with me and my family.


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