Drumstick Moringa Soup

Drumstick Moringa Soup recipe with step by step instructions.

Moringa is also known as drumstick in English. In Indian languages, it is known as Sahajan in Hindi, shevga in Marathi, nuggekayi in Kannada, Murungai in Tamil etc.

drumstick moringa soupdrumstick moringa soup

Moringa is considered a super food and has many health benefits for all. Moringa is used in vegetable, curry, soups.

drumstick moringa flowers leaves fruitdrumstick moringa flowers leaves fruit

Moringa fruit is used in cooking as well as leaves. It is more commonly used in the Southern Indian states to make sambar, along with toor dal or moong dal,  lentils. Leaves are used in making subji, side dishes, parathas, roti etc.  It is also used in powder form in health drinks.

Today we are making moringa soup. it is easy to make. 

How to make drumstick - Moringa Soup

Wash and cut 4-5 ripe moringa edges. Cut in 3-4 inch pieces. Do not make too small pieces. 

If you have moringa leaves and/or flowers, you may add that too. You may also add other vegetables such as chopped carrot, cabbage if you wish. I did not add today.

moringa soup 1

Add moringa pieces, chopped onion, tomato and garlic cloves to a pressure cooker or in a separator.

I am adding to a separator as I will cook along with some rice.

moringa soup 2

Add 1 1/2 cups of water.

Enough to cover the vegetables.

moringa soup 3

Add a little salt.

I added 1/2 tsp.

We will be adding more salt later if needed. 

Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles. Let cooker cool naturally. After pressure is down, remove separator.

moringa soup 4

Take out the tomato skin. This is optional.

You may leave the tomato skins on if you wish.

moringa soup 5

Take out the moringa pieces.

Remove the seeds and pulp from each moringa piece.

moringa soup 6

You can see all the pulp is removed from the moringa pieces in the image.

moringa soup 7

Add the pulp, tomato and onion in a blender jar along with the water it is cooked in.

Blend smooth.

moringa soup 8

You can see the blended mix in the image.

You may strain the blended mix if you wish. If the moringa seeds are too hard, it is better to strain.

I did not strain  it as my moringa seeds were tender.

moringa soup 9

Add the blended mix to a pot in which you want to make soup.

moringa soup 10

Add black pepper powder 1 tsp or as per taste, a pinch of chili powder(optional).

Add the optional ingredients.

1 tsp sugar or jaggery.

1/2  tsp roasted cumin(jeera) powder.

moringa soup 11

I added 1 tbsp frozen green peas and corn. This is optional.

moringa soup 12

Add water depending on the consistency you want.

We do not add any thickener such as corn flour/arrowroot/flour etc. to this soup.

moringa soup 13

Mix well.

Place this pot on the stove and bring to boil.

Boil for 4-5 minutes stirring occasionally.

moringa soup 14

You may add a optional tempering of ghee/oil and cumin seeds but it is not a must.

Today I am adding this tadka.

To make tadka/tempering:

Add 1 tsp ghee and 1/4 tsp cumin seeds/jeera to a tadka pan.

Let splutter and then switch off. Do not let the cumin burn.

moringa soup tadka 450x253

Add tempering/ tadka to the soup.

Healthy, nutritious moringa soup is ready.

Serve hot moringa soup with a little butter or fresh cream along with a few toast or garlic bread. It is quite filling.  

moringa soup 15

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