Plain flour Maida Recipes

Plain flour or maida recipes are commonly made all over the world. Plain flour or maida is also known as 'refined flour', 'all purpose flour', 'white flour' or 'cake flour'.

Baking, frying, steaming, you name it and you use plain flour in these recipes. Breads, snacks, cakes, pizzas and many more dishes, we use maida or plain flour in it.

Plain flour is made with wheat by removing the outer layer of a wheat grain. It is pure white in color and is very soft, smooth and silky to touch.

Maida - plain flour - All purpose flourMaida - plain flour - All purpose flour

Items made with maida/ plain flour are very tempting and tasty.

Whole wheat flour is considered healthier than plain flour / maida as it contains the whole grain, along with the outer layer which contains the necessary fiber, useful in our human bodies.

Plain flour - Maida - All purpose flour recipes

Vegetable samosaVegetable samosa

Vegetable samosa

Vegetable samosa is usually made with potatoes and peas. You may also add some carrot.

How to make Shankarpale - Shakkarpare

Shankarpale or shakkarpare Festival sweet recipe for Diwali or Christmas festival.


Diwali sweets recipes

Date cake - Khajoor cake

Date cake or khajoor cake is easy to make and is a favorite of kids as well as grown-ups.

Potato Pancakes - Latkes

Potato Pancakes - Eggless

Easy, simple and quick potato pancake recipe.

How to make Maddur vada-Maddur Vade

- Maddur vada is a specialty snack from Karnataka. It is yummy as a tea time snack or a picnic snack.

Keeps for a week or so. Very convenient.

Punjabi roti with maida (plain flour). North Indian flat bread cooked generally in a tandoor oven, a clay oven.


A variety of North Indian Fry Bread served with Chole - Chana Masala (chickpea curry)


Spinach pancake

Mini samosa

Vegetable spring rolls

Badusha - balushahi

Banana pancake - banana dosa

Vanilla custard tarts with mangoes

Balushahi - Visitor's recipe

Eggless cup cake

Maida - plain flour - All purpose flouMaida - plain flour - All purpose flour

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