Mor Kali - Buttermilk Rice Flour Upma Recipe

by Gopal
(Bilaspur CG)

This buttermilk rice flour upma recipe or mor kali recipe is a south indian recipe.

Mor kali is generally served for breakfast.

It is easy to make and quick to cook and is easy to digest too.

How to make Mor kali - Buttermilk Rice Flour Upma

Ingredients for mor kali – buttermilk rice flour upma for 2-3 servings

- Rice flour – 1 cup
- Sour curd(yogurt) - 1 cup
- Water – about 2 to 2 ½ cups or as needed
- Salt -1/2 tsp or according to taste.
- Green chilies chopped– 2-3 according to taste.
- Vegetable oil – 2-3 tbsp
- Mustard seeds(rai) – ½ tsp
- Urad dal – white lentil( 1 tsp)

Cooking mor kali - Buttermilk rice flour upma

- To one cup of rice atta(flour) add one cup of sour curd and beat to make a semi solid mixture. Curd quantity to be added as per requirement.
- Add salt and green chili and mix well.
- In a kadai(deep pan) add oil. Heat well and add mustard seeds.
- When mustard seeds splutter, add urad dal.
- Add water enough to immerse the semi-solid rice flour lump (about 2 cups).
- When water boils add the rice flour lump and stir continuously till the mixture is evenly mixed to form smooth batter.
- Cook till mixture is thick and the raw smell is gone.
- Add 1 tbsp gingly(sesame seed) oil in the end if you wish.
The end product will be like Upma.
Serve hot.

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