Gluten free diet foods recipes

Gluten free diet foods recipes / gluten free breads / gluten free dishes.

What is gluten

whole wheat flourwhole wheat flour

Gluten is a protein that is in some grains such as wheat, spelt, barley and rye. When these flours are mixed with water, gluten makes dough elastic. This makes the breads made from these flours rise well and gives the bread a chewy texture.

For people who are gluten intolerant, gluten protein does not let nutrients to be absorbed in body and that can cause malnutrition. It can also cause some other health problems in an individual.

Gluten sensitivity symptoms in a person include stomach pain, diarrhea, tiredness, bloating and depression.

Plain flour - white flourPlain flour - white flour

As gluten containing flours, such as wheat flour (atta) /plain flour (maida) / semolina(cream of wheat/sooji/rava) are commonly used to make bread, a gluten sensitive person needs to look for alternatives for these flours.

A gluten sensitive person also needs to make sure that these alternative flours/ingredients have not come into contact with gluten containing ingredients during processing, milling, packing and distribution.

While cooking at home, be careful about using canned ingredients. Check if they contain wheat starch or barly / wheat products. While ordering food in a restaurant also a gluten intolerant person has to be careful.

Gluten free diet food recipes

Beetroot akki rotti - Rice flour and beet flat bread

Beet akki rotti is a variation of akki rotti. Akki rotti is a breakfast recipe, made with rice flour from Karnataka state.


Bottlegourd -Lauki - Doodhi chana dal subji

Bottle gourd, known as laucki, opo squash, ghiya with chana dal


Potato Subji - Aloo Bhaji

Potato masala subji served with Poori - Chapati - dosa

Batata kacharya Potato stir fry

Maharashtrian potato side dish


Potato  curry - aloo curry

- A potato currry to accompany breads such as chapati, paratha, poori.

Aloo tikki - potato patties / cutlet

Aloo tikki - potato patties or cutlet is a kid's favorite recipe.

It is not deep fried and other vegetables can be added to it too.

It may be enjoyed by grown ups too.

Ambode - Chana dal vada -

This South Indian dal vada recipe is a spicy snack recipe - Festival recipe, made with split chickpeas

Ambe dal - Kairichi dal

Ambe dal or kairichi dal is a Maharashtrian summer recipe, made with green mango and chana dal.


Besan burfi - Indian dessert

Besan burfi - Indian dessert and festival sweet recipe made with Besan / gram flour/ chickpea flour.

Coconut burfi is a  sweet made with freshly grated coconut.

Very quick and easy, can be made at any festival time.


How to make Moong dal and rice khichadi - Huggi

Easy to digest rice and mung bean lentil recipe. One Dish Meal.

Cook in pressure cooker or on the stove top.

Mumbai tawa pulao - tava pulaoMumbai tawa pulao - tava pulao

Mumbai tawa pulao - tava pulao

Mumbai's popular street food


Aloo poha - batata poha - Rice flakes with potato - savory breakfast dish

Batata pohe or aloo poha is a popular breakfast recipe.

It is a quick cooking recipe.


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