Bean Recipes - Green beans

 Known as  French beans - String beans

There are a lot of Green Bean recipes. Beans are commonly grown and used all over the world.

I love to eat tender green beans by itself without cooking. Just wash it well after you bring it in from the garden and it is so nice and crunchy.

Fresh beans as well as dry beans are used depending on the recipe you wish to make.

Green beans - French beans

In India, green beans are a commonly used vegetable. Green Beans are cooked by itself of in combination with rice, other vegetables or pulses and lentils.

Cooked with rice and spices, it can be a one dish meal. Cooked as a vegetable side dish, it is a good accompaniment for breads, such as chapati or phulka or with steamed rice.

You can use any kind of beans such as french beans, runner beans etc.

Prepare beans by topping, tailing and remove strings too.

It is good to add beans in your meals in soups, rice dishes, subjis or in snack items such as Upma.

Beans contain enough water. When you add sugar and salt while cooking, this water will be released. That is enough for the beans to be cooked.

Don't know many recipes using beans? Keep reading and you will find more bean recipes on this site. We are always adding new recipes.

French beans, String bean, Green Bean recipes

Green bean rice is a lightly spicy rice made with green beans and rice.

you may have it for lunch or dinner. It is also easy to carry for office or school lunch.

French Beans commonly available so it is easily made.


Veg frankie - vegetable frankie

Mixed vegetable stuffed frankie - healthy and a favorite of kids and adults.

Vegetable Rava upma - Namkin halwa

vegetable rava upma. Easy south Indian breakfast recipe. Known as uppittu (Kannada), tikhat sanja(Marathi), namkin halwa(Hindi) etc.

Green beans - French beans - String beansGreen beans - French beans - String beans

Green bean - French bean recipes

Green beans are also known as french beans.

Also known as string beans as they have strings. These strings need to be removed before cooking them.

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