Maharashtrian Kelichi Shikran - Banana Recipe

by Namita

Kelichi shikran is a quick banana recipe. Keli means banana in Marathi language.

It can be served as a quick dessert, as a snack or as an accompaniment to poli(chapati), roti or bread. Anytime you want to have something sweet, you can make it in a minute.

Kelichi shikran-poli(chapati) is a popular quick meal for kids back home from school. Mothers love it because it is healthy and convenient too.

The chapatis are already made in the mornings or at lunch time and the shikran is made of keli, banana, a good for health fruit.

Only a few ingredients are used and the making of kelichi shikran is done in a couple of minutes.

How to make Kelichi Shikran a Banana Recipe

List of ingredients and the quantity for kelichi shikran for two servings

  • Ripe bananas – 2

  • Gud(jaggary), brown sugar or white sugar – 1 tea spoon – more or less according to taste

  • Milk – 1/4 cup – more or less according to preference

  • Cardamom powder(optional) – a pinch

  • Preparation to do before making

    Chop or mash bananas lightly.

    Step by step instructions - Making kelichi shikran

  • Mix together the chopped bananas, sugar and milk. Mix till sugar dissolves which may take about a minute.

  • Add cardamom powder if you wish.

  • Serving suggestions?

  • Serve it as a snack or dessert.

  • Serve it as an accompaniment to chapati - poli.

  • Tips – for this recipe

    The chopping of and mixing of banana should be done at the time of serving. The banana changes color quickly. Or you may keep it in the fridge for a few minutes.

    It should be eaten within a couple of hours after making.

    You may mash bananas lightly with your fingers instead of chopping with a knife.

    You may add honey instead of sugar or jaggery.

    My family loves this recipe because

    It is yummy, quick and healthy.

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    May 14, 2015
    by: Lesly

    I had this dish so many times. In fact, mu mother used to make it for dinner frequently and I really had a great love for this. But, I never knew that it was actually of Marathi origin.

    Aug 14, 2012
    kelichi shikran tastes great
    by: Anonymous

    Kelichi shikran is such a simple recipe and tastes great as a dessert or a salad.

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