Mixed vegetable Raita and Mixed vegetable salad

by Mathangi.K.Kumar

This is a recipe for a mixed vegetable raita and with a little variation, you can also make salad with it.

It is especially useful for those who do not eat dairy products/or do not like curd(yogurt). You may even make both varieties at the same time by halving the vegetables after mixing them.

Both the recipes are given below.

Ingredients for mixed vegetable raita.

-Finely cut Julianne of cabbage, carrot, onion,cucumber - 1 cup

-Slightly put them in boiled water for 5 minutes.

-Take half a litre of beaten curd. Add salt to taste.

-Mix all these vegetables in it and add 1 tsp sugar.

-Mix well and serve it after 10 minutes.


Mixed Vegetable Salad

The ingredients are same as raita except curd(yogurt). In addition, you will need a little lemon juice or vinegar.

- The same amount of vegetables with sugar and salt can be mixed for salad. Do not use curd(yogurt).

-Squeeze half a lemon before serving with coriander leaves.

-Garnish with thin tomato pieces.

-Freeze the tomatoes and take them out 10 min before serving and cut.

-Instead of lemon juice before serving little bit of vinegar can be added according to taste.

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