Carrot Recipes - Gajar Recipes

Here is a list of carrot recipes on this website. Carrot, a tuber vegetable, is a very versatile vegetable. This list includes sweets, salads, chutney, curry recipes using carrots.

Carrots are known as gajar (Gujrati, Hindi, Marathi), carrot / gajjari (Kannada) etc. in Indian languages.

Carrots are used in many shapes such as sticks, julienne, slices, diced, chopped fine, grated etc. as you can see below.

carrots with leavesCarrots with leaves
Carrots - GajarCarrots - Gajar
Diced carrotsDiced carrots
Grated carrotsGrated carrots

Here are some carrot recipes for you.

Carrot recipes - Gajar Recipes

Gajar kheer - carrot kheer - Indian sweet

Carrot - gajar halwa

Carrot Soup

Carrot potato soup

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