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Recipes with dairy products

Milk recipes

Milk recipes such as kheer, basundi, shrikhand etc.

Indian cottage cheese - Paneer recipes

Homemade paneer, Paneer pakoda, bhurji, palak paneer, kalakand, paneer paratha etc.

How to make desi ghee

Recipes with grains and grain flours

Rice recipes 

A variety of rice recipes

Rice flour recipes

Chaval ka atta, arasi mavu, tandalache peeth, akki hittu

Millet recipes

foxtail sorghum finger millet 326x306

Sorghum - jowar, Ragi / finger millet, Bajra / pearl millet recipes.

Poha - Rice flakes recipes

- Aval / beaten rice / flattened rice

Plain flour - maida - white flour recipes

Maida or plain flour is used mainly in baking, snacks, sweets, breads etc.

Whole wheat flour recipes

Whole wheat flour/ atta / gavhache peeth, kanik is considered healthier than plain flour(maida).

Semolina - Rava Recipes

Semolina - known as sooji, cream of wheat, suji, rava, rave etc.

Dalia sheera / halwa

Healthy breakfast recipe with broken / cracked wheat.

To make it vegan, use coconut oil / vegetable oil instead of desi ghee.

Recipes with Lentils - Pulses - Legumes

Horsegram -  huruli - Kulith - Kollu recipes

Horsegram nutrition facts

Horsegram, known as kulith/hulga/huruli in Indian languages is rich in protein, vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber. It is useful in weight loss and is good for eyes.


Horsegram - Kulith - Kulthi chutney.

This chutney is healthy and has a long shelf life.

Hurigadale - Puthane - Roasted chickpeas

Recipes with vegetables

Eggplant - aubergin - baingan recipes


Spinach - Palak Recipes

Recipes with Fruits

Green mango and ripe mango recipes

Recipes with nuts and seeds

White sesame seedsWhite sesame seeds
Black sesame seeds - Kaale TilBlack sesame seeds - Kaale Til

Recipes with other ingredients

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