Easy Banana milkshake Recipe

Indian Fruit and milk drink

I love bananas and I love this banana milkshake Recipe. Banana milkshake is a quick and easy recipe.

Banana milkshake is a very satisfying cool drink in the hot summer afternoon. It can be served as a snack or along with or after dinner. It is a filling, nutritious drink.

Whenever I have some excess ripe bananas, I use them to make this banana milkshake. A slightly over ripe bananas also may be used.

ripe bananasRipe bananas

Bananas are eaten by themselves or many deserts and sweets are made with ripe banana such as banana ice cream, banana burfi etc.

This banana milkshake recipe is one such ripe banana recipe.

You may use fresh or frozen bananas for this milkshake.

There is no artificial flavor or color added to this. The banana you choose give it a natural flavor and color.

So choose your banana with care.

Select only ripe and sweet banana. You may use plain milk or homemade or store bought vanilla flavored milk to make this banana milkshake.

How to make banana milkshake - Indian banana drink

Ingredients to make to 2-3 glasses of banana milkshake

  • Ripe banana pieces - 1 cup
  • plain milk or flavored milk- 1 cup
  • Sugar or honey(optional) - 1tbsp, more or less according to taste.
  • Ice cubes as required.
  • banana pieces for toppings - 5-6
  • cardamom powder (optional) - 1/4 tsp
  • vanilla essence or rose essence(optional) - 2-3 drops

Making banana milkshake

  1. Put the banana pieces, sugar(if using), 1/2 cup milk in the blender. Blend till it becomes smooth.
  2. Add remaining milk. Blend again till frothy.
  3. Add ice cubes and blend some more or chill and serve.
  4. Fill tall glasses with milkshake. Add a few slices of banana on the top and sprinkle with cardamom powder and serve chilled.

Tips for banana milkshake

  • To make banana milkshake choose ripe, sweet bananas. That way you will not need to add any sugar or may need to add only a little sugar. I usually do not add any sugar.
  • You may freeze bananas and then use them in this milkshake.
  • Sugar quantity will depend on the sweetness of banana, freshness and sweetness of the flavored milk if you are adding it. And also on your sweet tooth.
  • Add more milk if you like slightly thinner milkshake.
  • Add a pinch of cinnamon powder while blending if you like the flavor.
  • You may add cardamom powder or vanilla essence while blending milkshake instead of while serving.
  • Top with vanilla or banana ice cream or a few pieces of banana.
  • Instead of sugar, you may add any other sweetener such as bee's honey, date syrup, maple syrup etc. according to taste.
  • You may add a scoop of ice cream while blending too. Tastes great and gives good consistency.

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