Sweet lassi recipe - Summer cool drink

Indian sweet yogurt smoothie recipe

Sweet lassi recipe / mithi lassi is a cool drink for hot summer days. This drink recipe is a easy and quick to make. The basic sweet lassi takes only a few seconds.

Sweet Lassi is cooling to your body in the hot summer afternoon. Sweet lassi or 'mithi lassi' is made with fresh yogurt.

Traditionally sugar is added as a sweetener to make lassi sweet. You may add your favorite sweetener, flavoring or food color to sweet lassi.

There are many lassi shops selling sweet and salty lassi according to your choice. The vendor uses clay pot and a wooden whisk to churn the yogurt to make lassi.

At home, Lassi is usually served in a big tall glass or a glass mug. Lassi is also served in environment friendly clay pots in the shops and restaurants.

You can use full fat milk if you are not particular about watching your calorie intake.

Sweet lassi is usually a thicker than the salt lassi. Add water according to the thickness or thinness you want.

You may omit water completely if you want a very thick lassi. Ice cubes provide enough water.

You only need plain yogurt and water to make basic lassi. Add sugar to make it a sweet lassi.

You can use electric blender, hand blender or the wooden or metal beater to make lassi.

You may use a stainless steel whisk or your mixer jar to make lassi.

How to make sweet lassi

Ingredients to make 2 glasses of sweet lassi:

  • 1 cup chilled plain fresh curd(yogurt)
  • 1 cup cold water or milk
  • sugar to taste
  • Ice cubes
  • Thick cream(optional) - 2 tbsp
  • dry fruit thin pieces (almond/badam for topping - optional) - 1 tsp

Making sweet Lassi

  1. Add yogurt, water and sugar to the blender.
  2. Blend well till frothy.
  3. Pour in glasses and top with thick fresh cream.

Tips and variations to sweet lassi

  • For low fat sweet lassi, use low fat plain yogurt and omit sugar or add less sugar. Or add a healthier sweetener of your choice.
  • You may add the ice cubes or ice shavings to the blender itself while blending.
  • As sweetener, you may add your favorite fruit syrup, bee's honey, maple syrup to lassi
  • You may add your favorite flavoring such as cardamom powder or cardamom extract, rose syrup, rose water or rose extract, saffron extract etc. while blending.
  • Keep fresh yogurt in fridge before making lassi.
  • Will keep yogurt fresh and lassi will be very chilled.You may also keep the lassi in the fridge after making.
  • You can served the chilled lassi as and when you want.
  • Sweet lassi will keep good in the fridge for 2-3 days. After that the taste may change a little.

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