Rice flakes recipes - Beaten rice 
Flattened rice

Pressed rice - Avalakki - Poha recipes

Here you will find rice flakes recipes. Rice flakes are known by different names, such as pressed rice, flaked rice, beaten rice, flattened rice etc.

In Indian languages rice flakes are known as poha, aval, avalakki, powa, chiwara etc.

Rice flakes - avalakki - poha recipes

Red rice poha - Healthy breakfast

Made with red rice, this beaten rice/rice flakes recipe is a quick good breakfast.


How to make Thin poha chivda - Rice flakes - aval

made from thin beaten / flattened rice flakes as a easy snack. Diwali festival snack. Keeps for 3-4 weeks.


How to make fried poha chivda

- This thick rice flakes recipe is made from thick poha / aval.

Tea time snack recipe

Diwali festival recipe


Breakfast recipe from Karnataka, made with avalakki /rice flakes.

You may use buttermilk or fresh curd to make this easy recipe.


Batata Pohe- Aloo poha - Aval recipe

- Easy to make rice Flakes / Beaten Rice savory dish for breakfast.

Popular all over India.


Sweet poha - rice flakes -  Aval recipe

Sweet poha/riceflakes/avalakki  is made during Gokulashtami festival. It is also made as Naivedya and to distribute as prasad to devotees. You may use jaggery or sugar in it.


Lime / lemon poha

- for healthy breakfast


Huli avalakki - Gojjavalakki - tamarind poha - Breakfast recipe from Karnataka

Kanda Poha - Aval Recipe  - Rice Flakes/Beaten Rice savory dish

Batata poha - Gujrati breakfast

Onion chudva - Aval recipe - Flattened rice recipe

Dahi pohe - Gopalkala - Sri Krishna's favorite - Janmashtami festival recipe

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