Rice flakes - Beaten rice - Poha - Avalakki

 Flaked rice - Flattened rice - Pressed rice

Rice flakes, beaten rice is also known as flaked rice, flattened rice, pressed rice.

In Indian languages, beaten rice is known as poha, chivda, powa, aval, avalakki, chiwra etc.

Flattened rice is just that. Rice is parboiled, rolled and then flattened to different thickness and then dried to turn it into rice flakes.

White as well as brown rice is used to make flattened rice. Beaten rice made with organic rice is also available.

The thickness depends on the pressure used to flatten.

Different sizes / varieties are available according to the type of rice used and the thickness to which it is pressed.

1. Thick poha

2. Mediumpoha

3. Thin poha

4. Nylon poha

Nylon poha looks transparent and has a kind of shine. It is thinner than paper poha. Both paper poha and nylon poha are used to make chivda as they get crisp fast.

Storage and shelf life of beaten rice

Pressed rice should be stored in a dry place in an airtight container. Poha has a long shelf life. It can keep good for up to 3 months or longer.

Beaten rice is lactose free and fat free.

Thin poha - Rice flakes - AvalThin poha - Rice flakes - Aval

Rice flakes are commonly used in Asian recipes.

  • Poha can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • It can be soft or crisp and crunchy depending on the cooking method.
  • You can use rice flakes in making sweet as well as savory dishes.

Thick poha - Rice flakes - AvalThick poha - Rice flakes - Aval

Pressed rice is one of the favorite breakfast ingredients in India as it cooks fast.

It may be used with milk as a cereal.

All the varieties are used in Indian cooking according to the recipe in making and according to personal choice.

red rice poha - rice flakesred rice poha - rice flakes
Brown poha - Rice flakes - AvalBrown poha - Rice flakes - Aval

While buying beaten rice, you may buy all the varieties in quantities according to your use.

I buy and keep all the varieties in my kitchen as I use them all in my recipes.

  • Thick poha is used in making Fried poha chivda, Batata poha, Kanda poha, Huli avalakki, poha idli, adding to dosa batter etc.
  • Medium poha is used for batata poha, kanda poha, huli avalakki, poha idli, dadpe pohe etc.
  • Thin poha is used in making dadpe pohe, Thin poha chivda, doodh pohe, dahi pohe etc.

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