Paneer Recipes

Indian cottage cheese recipes

Paneer recipes or Indian cottage cheese recipes, are popular all over India now. Paneer is also spelt as panir.

Though paneer was earlier used mainly in north Indian recipes, now a days, it is being used in South Indian recipes too.

Paneer Panir Indian cottage cheesePaneer - Panir - Indian cottage cheese

Panir is used in sweets as well as savories.

Curries, sweets and desserts, snacks are made with paneer.

Kids love paneer - cottage cheese.

Indian cottage cheese - Paneer Recipes

What is paneer

What are the substitutes for Paneer?
What is paneer used for?

Homemade Paneer - How to make paneer

It is cheaper and healthier to make paneer at  home. It is very easy too.

Mango kalakand

Mango kalakand is a Summer sweet recipe. Mango kalakand is a sweet made with Indian paneer and ripe mangoes.

Ripe fresh mangoes or mango pulp are used when they are available in plenty in summer season.


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