Winter Foods Recipes

Winter foods and recipes are the dishes that make you feel warm when you think of them and warmer when you actually have them.

These help you to get rid of the winter blues. These are made with the winter seasonal ingredients easily available.

You may also visit our winter vegetables page to look at what you can use.

Ingredients such as bajra (pearl millet/ black millet / green millet ), til (sesame seeds) that give warmth to the  body are used commonly.

Winter foods recipes

Mooli - radish chutney

Radish - Mooli chutney

Make this radish mooli chutney with or without onion and garlic. Serve it with chapati, dosa, paratha etc. for any meal.

How to make Instant amla - gooseberry pickle

No need to wait for amla / gooseberry pickle to mature.


How to make Amla murabba - gooseberry relish

Amla or Gooseberries are available to make relish in winter.


How to make Amla / Gooseberry pickle

 - Also known as awala achaar, nellikai uppinkai, avalyache lonche, nellikkai urgai.


Baby corn pakoda - Baby corn fritters

Baby corn pakoda - Baby corn fritters - Favorite snack for kids. Served in restaurants too.


Aloo poha - batata poha - Rice flakes with potato - savory breakfast dish

Batata pohe or aloo poha is a popular breakfast recipe.

It is a quick cooking recipe.

Vegetable samosaVegetable samosa

Vegetable samosa

Vegetable samosa is usually made with potatoes and peas. You may also add some carrot.

Methi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat breadMethi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat bread

Indian Flat Bread with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour.


Aloo tikki - potato patties / cutlet

Aloo tikki - potato patties or cutlet is a everyone's favorite recipe.

It is not deep fried and other veggies can be added to it too.

Vegetable Rava upma - Namkin halwa

vegetable rava upma. Easy south Indian breakfast recipe. Known as uppittu (Kannada), tikhat sanja(Marathi), namkin halwa(Hindi) etc.


Tomato Soup

- Nutritious tomato soup.

Carrot halwa - Gajar ka halwaCarrot halwa - Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa -Gajar ka halva

Easy To Make Sweet with Carrots and milk. Keeps in fridge for a week.


Gajar ki kheer - carrot kheer

 - Indian carrot and milk based sweet. Easy to make.

Vegetable cutlet recipe

Kids favorite recipe. Another way to get kids eat their vegetables.

Onion rava upma - uppit

Onion rava upma. Easy south Indian breakfast recipe.

Known as uppittu (Kannada), tikhat sanja(Marathi), namkin halwa(Hindi) etc.


Bhopla gharge - pumpkin poori

Lal bhopla gharge or pumpkin poori or pumpkin sweet fritters are a recipe from Maharashtra.

Bhopla bhajji - Kaddu bhajiya - pumpkin fritters 

Bhopla bhajji - Kaddu bhajiya - pumpkin fritters - a snack recipe

Bhindi bharta - Bhendiche bharit is a easy okra in yogurt recipe. Serve with chapati or phulka or rice.


Ratalyacha kees is a Maharashtrian grated sweet potato stir fry recipe.

Made for vrat / upvas or breakfast or a quick snack.

Winter foods recipes


Green bean rice is a lightly spicy rice made with green beans and rice.

you may have it for lunch or dinner. It is also easy to carry for office or school lunch.

French Beans commonly available so it is easily made.

Green beans - French beans - String beansGreen beans - French beans - String beans

Green bean - French bean recipes

Green beans are also known as french beans.

Also known as string beans as they have strings. These strings need to be removed before cooking them.


Spinach - Palak Recipes

Baby corn soup

Pearl millet / Bajra khichadi

Aloo methi subji

Methi aloo paratha

Paneer pakoda

Paneer dosa recipe

Paneer bhurji

Paneer stuffed paratha

Mixed vegetable pickles

Beetroot halwa

Beet salad

Radish - mooli paratha

Cauliflower - gobi ki subji

Cauliflower - gobi pakoda

Cauliflower - gobi pulao

Spinach soup

Spinach rice

Palak paratha

Palak paneer

Raita / bharta

Bhopla / pumpkin subji

Doodhi halwa

Kohlrabi - Navalkol recipes

Beetroot recipes

Red ripe tomato recipes

Raw green tomato recipes

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