Doodhi lauki bharta
Bottlegourd raita with yogurt

Ghiya ka bharta

Here are the step by step written instructions and a video - how to make Doodhi lauki bharta bottlegourd raita with yogurt recipe.

This bharta is very easy to make. This is the way my mother makes it and I love it.

Doodhi - bottle gourd bharta is served as a side dish with chapati, rice, roti, paratha etc.

Bottle gourd is known as doodhi(Marathi), Dudhi, lauki / ghiya(Hindi), sorekai (Kannada). Doodhi/bottlegourd is easily available in India at all times in the year.

How to make lauki raita - bottle gourd / doodhi bharta

Ingredients for lauki ka raita - doodhi bharta for 2-3 servings

bottle gourd - doodhi  - ghiya - laukibottle gourd - doodhi - ghiya - lauki
yogurt - curd - dahi - mosaru - thyiryogurt - curd - dahi - mosaru - thyir
  • Doodhi / bottlegourd, chopped or grated – 1 cup
  • Plain fresh yogurt/curd – ½ cup or more according to taste
  • Salt – ¼ tsp, according to taste
  • Sugar – ¼ tsp, according to taste
  • Roasted peanuts (optional) - 1 tsp
  • Fresh Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp, chopped

Ingredients for tempering/ tadka

  • Chili, green or red – 1
  • Vegetable oil – 1 tsp
  • Mustard seeds – ¼ th tsp
  • Cumin seeds – ¼ th tsp
  • Asafetida – a pinch
  • Curry leaves – 4-5

Step by step instructions for making lauki ka bharta

Preparation for making bharta

  1. Wash bottle gourd under running water.
  2. Remove skin with a peeler or a sharp knife.
  3. Cut bottle gourd in about one inch pieces. Or grate it with a grater or in food processor. Today, I made pieces and the instructions are according to that.
  4. Chop chili and coriander leaves.
  5. Crush roasted peanuts (if using) roughly.

Ways to cook lauki / bottle gourd  - Steam cooking doodhi

We have to first cook lauki / bottle gourdpieces. Steam / cook lauki / bottle gourd pieces or gratings by any of the following methods, which ever you find convenient. Grated bottle gourd will cook faster.

  1. Add lauki / bottle gourd pieces and 2-3 tbsp water in a pan. Cover and cook on low flame till pieces are just done. Check in between and add a little water if necessary.
  2. You may steam these pieces in a steamer. Pour some water in the steamer. Place the pieces on the perforated plate. Steam on medium low heat till the pieces are cooked to your liking. Check softness in between by inserting the knife in the pieces.
  3. Keep in a separator / closed container while cooking rice in a pressure cooker. There is no need to add any water in the container holding bootle gourd. Today I used this method.
  4. You may also steam cook lauki / bottle gourd in microwave mode. It may take about 2-3 minutes in microwave. You may add 1 tbsp water along with the vegetable.

After steam cooking bottle gourd with one of the methods given above, let the lauki pieces cool completely. The cooked bottle gourd will look as in the image given below.

cooked bottle gourd - doodhi - laukicooked bottle gourd - doodhi - lauki

Making tempering - tadka for lauki raita

  1. Heat oil in a small tadka pan
  2. Add mustard seeds and when they start splattering, add cumin seeds, hing, chili pieces(if adding) and curry leaves.
  3. Stir a little and switch off the flame.
  4. Tempering is ready. Keep aside.
ready tempering for salad

Making doodhi raita - lauki bharta - bottle gourd bharit

Add the cooked bottle gourd pieces in a bowl.

cooked bottle gourd piecescooked bottle gourd - lauki

Mash lightly. I prefer it that way. If you wish, you may mash it fine. If you grated doodhi, no need to mash.

lightly mashed bottle gourd - doodhi - laukilightly mashed bottle gourd - doodhi - lauki

Now add all the ingredients such as salt, sugar, roasted peanut powder, and chopped coriander leaves.

Add salt and sugar according to taste. Add the prepared cooled tadka/tempering and fresh curd/dahi/plain yogurt to the steamed lauki.

You may increase the quantity of fresh yogurt as per your choice.

bottle gourd - doodhi - lauki

Mix well. Keep aside till serving time.

ready bottle gourd - doodhi - lauki bhartaready bottle gourd - doodhi - lauki bharta

Keep in the fridge if you like it cool or if you are going to serve it after some time.

Leaving this lauki raita / bharta outside may make it sour if you are living in a hot place.

Tips and variations

  • Use green or dry red chilies with the tempering.
  • You may use homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt. Use only plain yogurt.
  • Add more yogurt / dahi if you like.
  • You may use slightly sour yogurt/curd if you like, but it should not be too sour. I always prefer to use only fresh sweet curd.
  • You may use black pepper powder instead of or along with chili.

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