kaddu chana recipe - pumpkin chickpea side dish

by charu sharma

This kaddu chana recipe is a dish of my own. my first trial at home. Kaddu is pumpkin and chana is chickpea or bengal gram dal. -

KADDU CHANA (pumpkin with chickpeas - channa)

Ingredients pumpkin with chana side dish

- Pumpkin(kaddu) pieces
- boiled chana(chickpeas)
- spices such as dhania(coriander)powder, kali mirch(pepper) powder, amchur(dry mango powder)and salt according to taste.
- methidana(fenugreek seeds)
- oil

method for making pumpkin with chana side dish recipe

- cut medium sized pieces of pumpkin - kaddu.
- take 3 tablespoons oil in a pan heat it.
- add little methidana (fenugreek seeds)
- put pumpkin in the pan.
- add all masalas(spices)such as salt, pepper, dhania powder, amchur according to taste & boiled channa.
- cover it for 10-15 min till pumpkin is cooked.

Serve hot or cold with rice, chapati or any roti bread of your choice.

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