Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower recipes are generally quick as cauliflower cooks fast.

Cauliflower is known as phoolgobi / gobhi(Hindi), hookosu (Kannada) in Indian languages.

Cauliflower can be cooked by itself combined with many other vegetables, rice and flours too.

Cauliflower - PhoolgobiCauliflower - Phoolgobi
cauliflower, phoolgobiCauliflower - Phoolgobi

It is a winter vegetable and you can see the street vendors with carts filled with cauliflowers and tomatoes on the street. Cauliflower or gobi manchurian in a popular street food.

Cauliflower recipes for you

How to clean cauliflower - gobhi

Cleaning cauliflower before cooking is a must as it may contain dirt as well as small insects/worms.

Just washing it under running water is not enough.

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