Milk recipes

Recipes with milk in Indian Cuisine

Welcome to the list of Milk recipes. Dairy Milk is commonly used in Indian cooking. Cow's milk as well as buffalo milk is used.

Milk is known as doodh/duudh(Hindi, Marathi), haalu(Kannada), pal(Tamil), palu(Telugu) etc. in Indian languages.

Milk is a very important ingredient in the Indian kitchen. It is used as a drink as well as in making sweets and in cooking many dishes.

Milk and other dairy products, such as curd(yogurt), butter, buttermilk, desi ghee(clarified butter), khoya, paneer etc. are part of everyday Indian meal.

Milk Recipes - Recipes with milk

How to make Basundi - Indian milk dessert

This rich dessert is a Maharastrian / Gujarati recipe. Prepare in advance. Keep in fridge for a week and serve when you want.


Semiya payasam - vermicelli pudding - Sevai kheer - Shavige payasa, Traditional Indian sweet - dessert.

Easy to make and doesn't take a long time. Can keep in fridge for 3 days. Serve hot or cold.

Carrot halwa - Gajar ka halwaCarrot halwa - Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa -Gajar ka halva

Easy To Make Sweet with Carrots and milk. Keeps in fridge for a week.


How to make Shrikhand - Srikhand - Hung curd dessert

Festival sweet - Curd/ Yogurt based dessert recipe, flavored with saffron and cardamom.


Coconut burfi - Narial burfi - kobbari mithai

Coconut burfi is a  sweet made with freshly grated coconut. Very quick and easy, can be made at any festival time. It is a popular recipe for Raksha Bandhan.


Ghasgase payasa - khuskhus kheer - poppy seed kheer

A festive kheer / payasa recipe from Karnataka


Other milk recipes

Milk is also used to make other ingredients used in cooking. These recipes are given below.

Cream - How to make cream

How to make yogurt

- Homemade yogurt / Dahi / Curd to use in raita and other dishes or to eat plain or flavored.

You can make lassi with yogurt.

Go to curd -  yogurt recipes

About clarified butter-Ghee

- How to make Desi Ghee - Making ghee from butter.

How to make Ghee

- Making homemade desi ghee.

How to make Butter

- Making homemade butter

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