Cool Cucumber Raita Recipe for summer

by Namita

Cucumber Raita recipe is healthy, easy, simple and quick recipe.

Cucumber is actually a fruit but is used as a vegetable too.

In some other Indian languages, cucumber is known as Kheera - kakdi(Hindi), savatekai(Kannada), kakdi(Marathi).

In the hot summer months, cucumber can add coolness to your meal. Adding yogurt makes it still cooler and yummy too.

You may have it with a hot Curry meal or any other spicy meal, it will take away that burning sensation you feel.

That way you can enjoy your hot spicy meal and not feel the burning too. Just try it.

How to Make Cucumber Raita

List of ingredients and the quantity for cucumber raita

• Cucumber - 1 cup chopped finely
Curds(plain yogurt) - 2 cup
• Salt - to taste
• Sugar(optional) - 1/4 tsp
• Green chilli (optional) - 1 chopped finely.
• Coriander(Cilantro) leaves - 1 tbsp chopped
• Roasted jeera powder(cumin seed powder) – ½ tsp

Preparation to do before cooking

Get fresh curd(plain yogurt). either set it yourself or buy it.

Use only fresh yogurt for this raita. It should not be sour otherwise raitha will be sour too.

You can use Homemade Yogurt or use store bought yogurt.

Step by step cooking instructions

1. Mix together chopped cucumber, cilantro leaves, salt, sugar, curds(yogurt).
2. Mix well. Keep in the fridge for about 30 minutes or more.

Serving suggestions

Serve with pulav, biryani, plain rice, lemon rice or any bread such as chapatti, naan, paratha etc.

A bowl of cucumber raita is a healthy snack recipe to have in a hot afternoon.

You may have it as an accompaniment to your lunch too. Make it in advance and keep it in the fridge and serve it for your guests at a party too.

Variation ideas and Tips for cucumber raita recipe

a. Add 1 tbsp fresh grated coconut to this raita if you wish
b. You can add black pepper powder along with or instead of green chili according to your taste.
c. The plain yogurt(curds)should be fresh and sweet. Do not use sour curd.
d. Keep the raitha in the fridge if you are planning to serve it later. If you leave it at room temperature, it may get sour.
e. Add finely chopped onion if you with. Tastes wonderful with all the rice dishes.
f. If you are living in a hot place, use cold refrigerated curd/yogurt.

Why do you or your family like this recipe

It is such a easy recipe and so coool in the hot summer day.

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