Almond Recipes - Badam Recipes

Almonds provide Vitamin E

Almond Recipes are a must for any recipe collection. Almonds should be included in our diet for their many health benefits.

Almonds are called Badam in Indian language. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which helps us in keeping young and healthy for a long time. And everyone wants to look younger! Right?

Almonds - BadamAlmonds - Badam

How do you make almonds a part of your daily diet?

Eating almonds the same way everyday can be boring. You need interesting recipes for that.

You can have a few raw almonds every morning. Adding a few almonds along with your breakfast is a good way to make your breakfast nutritious and healthy.

Add almonds to your oats porridge or to your cereal. You may also soak them in water and then eat them as they are or use them in recipes.

Health Benefits of Badam - Almonds:

  • improve complexion
  • prevents cancer
  • reduces cholesterol
  • helps in the movement of food through colon.

Health benefits of almonds - badam according to Ayurveda

  • nutrition to brain and nervous system
  • induces longevity
  • boosts immunity.

Almond in beauty products as a beauty enhancing ingredient

As it softens and soothes the skin

It removes skin dryness and the scaling of skin. So it is used in moisturizers.

It is also used for massage in the oil form.

Uses of Badam - Almonds as food: cooking ingredient

Almond is eaten by itself, raw or roasted. It is tasty that way too. But it is also used in many food preparations.

Uses of almonds in dishes:

  1. It is added as a garnish on sweet dishes, deserts, ice cream based dishes.
  2. A few almonds included in the breakfast give you the energy for the day.
  3. In Indian cuisine, almonds are used to make sweets, deserts and as a base ingredient for some curries.
  4. Make badam / almond milk powder and add this ready powder to your drinking milk, plain yogurt, cut fruits etc.

Almond Recipes - Badam Recipes for you

Here you will find a few recipes to make almonds more interesting.

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