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  Kabuli Chana - Bengal gram dal
Roasted gram Recipes

Chickpea Recipes are in demand as chickpeas are loved by all as they are comfort food. Chickpeas are used in many recipes for lunch, dinner and breakfast. They are wonderful as snack recipes too.

A variety of chickpeas are available and are used whole, split and in flour form to make a variety of dishes.

Types of chickpeas

Kabuli chana - garbanzo beansKabuli chana - garbanzo beans
Green chickpeas - hara chanaGreen chickpeas - hara chana
Brown chickpeas - chanaBrown chickpeas - chana
chana dal - split chickpeas - bengal gramchana dal - split chickpeas - bengal gram

The types of chick pea are, black, brown, white, green. These are whole chickpeas before removing their husk.

You will find on this page information about

How to soak and cook chickpeas

How to skin chickpeas

White chickpeas - Garbanzo beans - Kabuli Chana Recipes

Split Chickpeas - Chana dal - Bengal gram dal Recipes

Chickpeas flour - Chana dal flour - Bengal gram flour - Besan Recipes

Roasted Chickpeas - Puthane - Dalia Recipes

How to soak, cook and skin Chickpeas - step by step instructions

White Chickpeas - Garbanzo beans - Kabuli Chana Recipes

white chickpeas - garbanzo beans Kabuli chanawhite chickpeas - garbanzo beans Kabuli chana

White chickpeas -

Also known as Garbanzo beans, are called Kabuli chana in Indian language and are used to make the following recipes.

Stir fried Chickpeas - Kabuli Chana sundal - Ghugri

 Made with kabuli chana - garbanzo beans, prepared on festivals such as  Ganesh chaturthi and distributed to the devotees as prasad, also served as a healthy snack.


Split Chickpeas - Chana dal - Bengal gram dal Recipes

Split chickpeas - Bengal gram dal - Chana dal

Split  chickpeas are known as Bengal gram dal or Chana dal in Indian languages.

Chana dal is used to make curries, added to vegetables such as Cabbage stir fry and rice recipes, salads, curries etc.

Many sweets are made with bengal gram dal such as puran poli, pooran kadabu, chana dal kheer etc.

Snacks and side dishes such as vatli dal, ghugri are made with chana dal too.

How to make Chana dal sundal - chickpea - kadale bele

- Made in Karnataka and other south Indian states. Served as a prasad too.

Festival recipe

Snack recipe


Ambe dal or kairichi dal is a Maharashtrian summer recipe, made with green mango and chana dal.


Ambode - Chana dal vada -

This South Indian dal vada recipe is a spicy snack recipe - Festival recipe, made with split chickpeas

cabbage chana dal subjicabbage chana dal subji

Kobichi bhaji - Cabbage / Gobi Subji

- Kosu palya / kobichi bhaji. Serve with rice or roti.


Kohlrabi - navalkol subji

Kohlrabi/Knolkol subji to accompany plain rice or roti.

Karnataka chutneypudi is made with chanadal and urad dal. Sesame(til) seeds, dried coconut, curry leaves add to the flavor and taste.


Chickpeas flour - Chana dal flour - Bengal gram flour - Besan Recipes

Chickpea flour is commonly known as Besan in Indian languages. It is also known as chana dal flour, bengal gram flour.

Other uses of besan / chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is useful for external use on the skin too apart from being a wonderful food ingredient.

Chickpea flour is a good skin cleanser so it is used as a body scrub powder for babies as well as grown ups.

Chickpea flour is mixed with milk/cream and used at bath time. It cleans and softens the skin but does not remove the necessary oils.

Besan -  chickpea flour - gram flour in recipes

Chick pea flour , called Besan or gram flour is used to make many dishes, mainly snacks. It is used as a thickener for soups, curries.

Cauliflower pakorapaneer pakoda, bread pakoda, aloo bonda these snacks use besan.

pancake - instant dosa, sev and many more sweets such as Besan ladoo, puran poli, besan barfi, rava besan vadi etc.

Chick pea flour is also used to make dhokla

How to make Besan burfi - Indian dessert

Besan burfi - Indian dessert and festival sweet recipe made with Besan / gram flour/ chickpea flour.

How to make Besan laddoo - Chickpea flour balls

Besan laddo is made with bengal gram dal flour / chickpea flour. A must for traditional festivals such as Diwali festival.


Batata vada or aloo bonda

Batata vada is a popular snack item made with boiled potatoes and besan / chickpea flour.

Batate vada is served by itself along with chutney or stuffed in a pav/bun to make Mumbai vada pav.

Besan kadhi is made with gram flour and buttermilk or yogurt.

Serve as hot beverage or with plain rice or dal khichadi.


Gujrati Dhokla

- Gujarati steamed dhokla - khaman dhokla.

A steamed snack made with chickpea flour.


Besan curry - variation of zunka / kadhi - Visitor's recipe

Roasted Chickpeas - Puthane - Dalia Recipes

Roasted gram - Puthane - HurigadaleRoasted gram - Puthane - Hurigadale

Roasted chickpeas called bhuna chana/dalia(hindi), puthane(marathi), hurigadale (kannada), pottukadale(tamil). Bhuna chana is added to savory items such as chivda, mixture etc.

Bhuna chana can be used as snack by itself. It is made in to dry chutney powder too. The roasted chick peas flour is also used as a thickener in curries, chutney etc.

Roasted gram laddoo - puthani tambittu unde

Nag Panchami / Ganapati festival sweet for naivedya. Made in Karnataka and Maharashtra.


Puthani - hurigadale chutney powder

is served with chapati, rice, dosa. Sprinkle or spread on sandwiches etc.


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