Creamy Chocolate Milk Shake Recipe

by Vimmi Malhotra
(Delhi, India)

Chocolate Milk Shake

Chocolate Milk Shake

This Creamy chocolate Milk Shake recipe will be a favorite of everyone, kids and grown ups too!

Everyone loves chocolate! Serve it in the hot summer months or at any other time.

A very quick and easy recipe. You can serve it as a dessert too!

How to make creamy chocolate milk shake

chocolate milk shake

INGREDIENTS for chocolate shake for 2 servings

> 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup per glass
> Chocolate shavings for garnishing
> 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
> 1 cup of milk
> Whipped cream or crushed chocolate
> 2-3 large scoops of ice cream

Making chocolate shake method

1. Assemble all the ingredients.
2. Place ingredients into a blender or a milkshake maker. Combine the ice cream, cocoa, and chocolate syrup.
3.If you would prefer to make a thick milkshake, add more ice cream and blend until ice cream is dissolved but the texture is much thicker and it is difficult to pass a spoon through the milkshake.
4.Pour into glasses and serve with ice.
5.Add whipped cream or shavings of chocolate on top.

Serve immediately. Or chill some more and serve.

MY children loved to have this shake in the hot summer months ....

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