Mini samosas - vegetarian snack recipe

by S.Lakshmi

These mini samosas are good to serve as starters at a party. Serve them along with a mixed salad, tomato ketchup and chutney.

They are good to take for picnics too.

Samosa is favorite evening or anytime snack. They are stuffed and deep fried pastries. Grownups as well as kids love them.

Ingredients for the covering samosa dough

  • Maida(plain flour/white flour) - 1 cup

  • salt – ¼ tsp or to taste

  • baking powder-a pinch

  • ghee -1/2 tsp

  • water as required

  • Ingredients for the stuffing:

  • Boiled potatoes - 4 or 5

  • Onions(chopped)- 3

  • Cashew nuts chopped roughly - 6

  • Raisins - a few

  • Grated paneer -1/2 cup

  • Chili powder – 1/2 tsp or according to taste

  • Garam masala(optional) – 1/2 tsp

  • How to make mini samosas

    Making dough

    1. Mix all the ingredients for the covering dough and form tight dough ball using water as required. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

    2. Divide the dough in small lime sized balls.

    Making stuffing

    1. Remove skin from boiled potatoes and mash well.

    2. In a bowl, add mashed potatoes, grated paneer, salt and chili powder.

    3. Fry cashew nut pieces and raisins in ghee and add this to the potato mix.

    4. Fry onions in a little oil and when they are translucent add the potato mix and mix well.
      Remove the mixture from fire and let it cool.

    Making samosa

    1. Roll out small puris(circles) from each maida dough ball.

    2. Cut the round in half. Make cone shape from one half and stuff the potato mixture neatly.

    3. Put just a little water with your finger on the edge of the samosa and close it on all sides and make it into a small cone shape.

    4. Stuff all the samosas in this way.

    5. Heat oil well. Fry the samosas till they are golden brown all over.

    Serve these mini samosas with tomato ketchup or green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney. You may serve them hot or cold. They taste good both ways.

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