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A recipe's site would be incomplete without healthy drink recipes as no meal is complete without a drink, hot or cold. Everyone needs to get some liquid in their diet. The best, healthiest drink is a cool glass of water for which we don't need a recipe.

We need to drink eight glasses of water everyday, right? Children as well as grown ups need to get their daily quota of liquids. So many other interesting drinks recipes are available that you don't have to drink only water everyday. So do drink the water and also the other beverages.

Kids are always active and get dehydrated very easily. They don't even realize it when they are busy playing. Dehydration can result in tiredness. They lose concentration and can become moody. Their body needs lots of liquid to keep the bowels working properly to keep them healthy.

Children need to be reminded to have a drink. The best drinks for children are water and milk. But kids are not always willing to drink a glass of plain water. They want something tasty and interesting. And milk... you have to coax them to drink it.

May be you offer them the ready drinks because the kids like them. Most ready drinks available are generally loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. Too much sugar makes kids hyperactive. Do you want your kids to drink those kinds of drinks just because they are convenient?

Let the kids have the healthy drinks at home. Making them is not really very time consuming. There are many indian beverages, hot and cold drinks that you can easily make at home. Make whatever suits the seasons and have fun.

In the hot summer days we need cool drinks to make us feel energetic again when we feel tired even while doing nothing. You will find those cooling, soothing cold beverages here. We have the fruit juices, lemonades, chilled almond milk, smoothies, milk shakes, iced tea, Iced - cold Coffee, jal-jeera, salty lassi, a yogurt smoothie drink, Mango Lassi etc.

As the season changes, the weather becomes biting cold, we want the hot 'pick me up' drinks to warm us up. We drink tea, coffee, hot almond milk , hot health drink, masala chai, ginger tea, lemon tea, etc.

Healthy Drink Recipes

Kairi Panha - Aam panna

- Kairi - Aam Panha, Raw green mango drink for hot summer. Summer festival.


Lassi - yogurt or buttermilk cool drinks

Mango lassi is made with mango, an Indian summer fruit and yogurt as a snack or for breakfast.

When mangoes are not in season, this can be made with mango pulp, store bought or home preserved.


About Lassi Recipes - Cool Indian Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

Maharashtrian Mattha  - Spicy thin buttermilk recipe

Strawberry lassi - Fresh strawberries and yogurt cool drink

Sweet lassi - Yogurt drink

Salty Lassi - Cool  Low fat drink  Recipe

Hot and ice cold Coffee Recipes

Filter coffee - Drip coffee

Filter coffee - drip coffee is a South Indian coffee recipe.

Iced Coffee Recipes

Cool and refreshing on hot summer days.

Easy and quick to make.

Coffee Recipes

Instant Coffee Recipes - Recipes using instant coffee powder.

Flavored Coffee Recipes - Regional coffee recipe  from Maharashtra and North Karnataka for a change.

Filter Coffee - Drip coffee - South Indian Coffee.

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