Amla indian gooseberry recipes
Amalkki - avla - vitamin C

Amla, Indian gooseberry recipes. Amla is known as amlakki, avla (Marathi), nellikai (Kannada).

Amla or Indian gooseberries are a treasure of nutrition. The ancient Indian medicine and health system, Ayurveda uses amla in many of their preparations, chyavanprash being one of the known and popular.

Amla - Indian gooseberries - avla - nellikaiAmla - Indian gooseberries - avla - nellikai

Here we are giving a few amla / gooseberry recipes that you can make at home and get the nutrition.

Star gooseberriesStar gooseberries

Star gooseberries are smaller, brighter in color and are sourer in taste.

As amla is a seasonal fruit, available in plenty in winter season, you should make it at that time. You may consume your preparations throughout the year to get amla's health benefits.

Amla - Indian gooseberries - avla - nellikaiAmla - Indian gooseberries - avla - nellikai

Amla - Indian gooseberry recipes

How to make Amla murabba - gooseberry relish

Amla or Gooseberries are available to make relish in winter.


How to make Amla / Gooseberry pickle

 - Also known as awala achaar, nellikai uppinkai, avalyache lonche, nellikkai urgai.


How to make Instant amla - gooseberry pickle

No need to wait for amla / gooseberry pickle to mature.


Amla-Goosberry red chutney

Easy to make amla chutney with red chili powder. Stays good for 8-10 days.

Serve with rice, chapati, dosa, uttappa, idli etc.


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