Kitchen Cooking Tips make work easy

How to tips for kitchen and cooking

The Kitchen cooking tips on this page will make your preparatory work easy. You may already be knowing some of these 'how to tips'.

When you are cooking a recipe, it is necessary to get each step right to get a good if not prefect outcome, that is a good looking as well as appetizing dish.

When a recipe involves many preparatory steps, it is better if you know how to do them all correctly.

It is also useful to know all the steps as you may need to make your own ingredient ready,

  • when you can not get the store bought one.
  • When you want to learn to make it yourself.
  • You make a lot and you can freeze it to use it when you need.
  • You like to cook from scratch.
  • You do not want to use the precooked items.

For example, if your recipe asks for

Tomato Puree , coconut milk or homemade ghee or homemade yogurt or paneer or cottage cheese, you should know to make it.

If you are making tomato rice or tomato burfi(a sweet) or any curry where you need tomato puree, you need to know how to make the tomato purée first.

You can of course use the store bought ingredients. But knowing how to make your own is always useful.

In this section, you will find some 'how to make' or 'how to prepare' instructions that will make your food preparation process easier. If you love cooking, you will enjoy the process and if you don't you can always use the precooked store bought ingredient to prepare your meal.

I am always for making the cooking process easy and more convenient while getting the great results. Hope these Kitchen tips will help you enjoy your cooking and your food will taste great.

Kitchen Cooking Tips - How to make? How to cook? How to prepare?

Vegetables related how to tips

Ginger - adrak - sunti - ale tips

How to make ginger paste at home

fresh ginger rootfresh ginger root

 Homemade Ginger paste. Keeps longer than a month.

Eggplant - Aubergin - Baingan - Brinjal tips

Roasting eggplant - bainganRoasting eggplant - baingan

How to roast eggplant

Roasting eggplant on gas / open flame to make baingan bharta or a eggplant dip.

Go to eggplant recipes

Beetroot  tips

How to cook beets

- Cooking beets easy way

Go to beetroot recipes

Potato - Aloo tips

How to store potatoes

- So potatoes can keep longer.

Go to potato recipes

Cauliflower - Phool gobi tips

Cleaned cauliflower - phoolgobiCleaned cauliflower - phoolgobi

How to clean and prepare cauliflower

- Cauliflower preparation before cooking

Go to Cauliflower recipes

Fruits related tips

Fruit Tips

Find here Fruit tips about buying and storing fruits etc. Fruits need special care.


Bananas - Kela tips

How to select buy, store bananas.

How to delay the ripening of bananas?

How to ripen the bananas fast?


Tomato tips

How to make Tomato juice

Homemade tomato juice for breakfast or a snack or cool summer drink. Tomatoes are available through out the year.

Dairy related how to tips

Yogurt - Curd - Dahi

How to make yogurt

- Homemade yogurt / Dahi / Curd to use in raita and other dishes or to eat plain or flavored.

You can make lassi with yogurt.

Go to curd -  yogurt recipes

Paneer - Indian cottage cheese

Ghee - Clarified butter

About clarified butter-Ghee

- How to make Desi Ghee - Making ghee from butter.

How to make Ghee

- Making homemade desi ghee.

Nuts related how to tips

Peanuts - Groundnuts

How to roast peanuts - groundnuts

- Roasting peanuts on the stove top.


Grains, lentils, pulses tips

Basmati rice

Chickpeas - Garbanzo beans - Chana

More cooking how tos ...

Hope these cooking tips make your cooking more easy.

Cookware related tips - How to pots and pans

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