How to store potatoes
for longer shelf life

 How to store potatoes and why  storing potatoes properly is important ?

Potato is living and breathing root vegetable. Proper storage increases their shelf life.

It is important to store potatoes the correct way to avoid spoilage and wastage and to have them in proper cooking condition. That is how potato nutrition will remain intact.

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How storing potato in the correctly helps in their having longer shelf life?

If potatoes are not stored properly, they will develop green spots or grow sprouts.

These spots and sprouts are toxic and reduce the nutritional value of potatoes along with spoiling the taste when cooked.

Potatoes sprout due to exposure to light and warm temperature.

Slightly sprouted are ok to use after cutting the sprouts and the green parts.

Where to store potato?

Store potatoes in cool, dry and dark place. There should be good ventilation.

Do not store potatoes along with onions or other vegetables and fruits.

What kind of container to use for storing potatoes

  • brown paper bag
  •  burlap (jute bag)
  • perforated plastic bag(plastic bag with holes)
  • wicker, jute basket net bag
  • mesh bag
  • a wooden bin with holes

Do's and don'ts while storing potato

Do this when you store potatoes

  • If homegrown potatoes, let them dry completely before storing.
  • Before storing, inspect for damaged potatoes, soft spots, sprouts and mold.
  • Use the bruised potatoes immediately after removing bruised parts or throw away.
  • Remove the ones that are unsuitable for storage. If there are breaks in the potato skin, that can cause to quicken the rotting process.
  • If the bag or container does not have a lid, use a cotton towel or a kitchen cloth to cover the top to avoid sunlight getting to potatoes.
  •  Keep out of light and check regularly.
  • Remove the ones that have gone soft or shriveled or sprouted and use immediately after removing the sprouts or throw them away.
  • Store other vegetables away from potatoes.
  • Store potato at 45-50 degree.

Don't do this while storing potatoes

  • Do not wash or rinse potatoes before storing. Wash them just before using for cooking.
  • Do not store with onions. When potatoes and onions are stored together, they produce gases and both get spoiled faster.
  • Do not wash till you are going to cook them
  •  Do not store sick and damaged potatoes as they will spoil the good potatoes by infecting them.
  •  Do not store in fridge. In too low temperature, starch will turn in to sugar and potatoes will taste sweet.

Effects of improper storage place for potatoes:

If the potato storage place is 

  • too warm - potatoes sprout. Tuber disease may develop.
  • too cold - potatoes turn dark or brown when cooked.
  • Exposed to light - while in storage, that causes greening and sprouts.
  • In sealed plastic containers -they don’t get oxygen for breathing.
  • If the place is too dry - potatoes shrivel.

In all these cases potatoes become in-consumable. You have to throw them away.

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