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There are many Indian vegan recipes on this website. Vegan snacks, vegan breakfast, vegan desserts, vegan pancakes etc. 

You can substitute dairy milk or other dairy products with soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or rice milk. 

Use coconut oil or your favorite vegetable oil instead of desi ghee or clarified butter.

Vegan recipes on this site

vegan rice recipes

vegan breakfast recipes

Vegan snacks and appetizers

Vegan sweets and dessert recipes

Coconut green chutney

- made with fresh grated coconut, roasted gram (puthani), coriander leaves and green chilies.

Accompaniment for idli, dosa, uttappa, chapati , rava idli etc.


Puthani - hurigadale chutney powder

is served with chapati, rice, dosa. Sprinkle or spread on sandwiches etc.


Horsegram - Kulith - Kulthi chutney.

This chutney is healthy and has a long shelf life.


Dry chutney Recipes -

Vegan  soups with lentils, vegetables etc.

South Indian thin lentil soup. Served as appetizer, soup, and also with Plain Steamed Rice.


Tomato Soup

- Nutritious tomato soup.

Mushroom soup

- Submitted by Shweta

Sambar - Vegetable and lentil dish - with Onion and tomatoes.

Serve with Idli, Plain Steamed Rice and Dosa


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