Fresh Spinach Recipes - Palak Recipes

How to cook spinach

Looking for spinach recipes? Spinach is known as Palak or Saag in Indian languages.

There are many spinach nutritional benefits and we want to make use of spinach in different ways so that we can add more of that healthy green spinach in our diet.

Spinach is available in fresh spinach, frozen spinach and canned or tinned spinach. In India, it is mainly and easily available in fresh form and most people use that.

Spinach is a rich source of iron and is used in a variety of dishes such as, salads, soups, curries, snacks, parathas, pakodas, saag, stews, breads etc.

It can be mixed with vegetables, lentils, rice and in different flours to make breads and snacks.

The kids, who refuse to eat the greens, also want to eat the spinach added dishes when you make and present them in different ways.

Popeye, the sailor in the comic strip and cartoon made spinach popular with kids too. Popeye became stronger because of the iron content in spinach, whenever he ate the spinach and he ate it often to fight the villain Bluto.

Kids asked for spinach as they wanted to be as strong as Popeye.

Try out the palak recipes given below. You may also submit your spinach recipe or other recipes Here.

Healthy Spinach - Palak Recipes

- Spinach and whole wheat flour flat bread


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