Easy Trifle Pudding Recipe

by Mathangikkumar
(Bangalore, Karnataka , India)

This Trifle pudding recipe is easy to make. It is colorful, yummy dessert.

A real summer treat for your family and for the guests too!

You can make it in advance and chill it in the fridge till it is time to serve.

When the ingredients are ready, you just need to assemble it.

How to make Trifle pudding?

Ingredients to make trifle pudding

- Marie biscuits /digestive biscuits / flavored creamy biscuits
- sponge cake
- tinned fruits/ stewed apple/ pear sliced mango/ seasonal fruit
- ice cream or custard or both

Method to make Trifle pudding:

- Crumble the biscuits for the first layer
- Then add the spongecake ... this too crumble
- Take only the fruits from the tinned fruit and spread over
- Spread the ice cream as the fourth layer and serve cold.


- For mangoes use mango flavor ice cream.
- You may change the flavors of the ice cream and biscuits. You get pineapple, orange flavored biscuits.

It was an instant hit at home.

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