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Summer foods - Drinks - Snacks

Indian Summer is here and homemakers are looking for summer recipes to keep themselves and the families cool. With summer come the seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Summer recipes include not only the summer drinks but also many tempting snacks and other dishes that help in cooling the body and keep the hunger pangs away.

Tender coconut water / juiceTender coconut water / juice

The homemaker or the person who cooks does not feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen in front of the stove in the hot weather.

We feel tired for no reason. Even just sitting around the home in summer is difficult. You do not feel like going out except in the evenings.

Though many vegetables and fruits are available the whole year, summer season gives a special taste to them. The body cooling ingredients can reduce the effects of the hot summer.

Tender coconut water / juice is one thing that gives you instant satisfaction and nutrition in a hot summer afternoon or anytime during the day.

Body cooling foods - Ingredients

Below is the list of few body cooling foods ingredients. So use them more in your recipes for summer.

The vegetables with higher water content should be used more.

The body cooling vegetables are Broccoli, Cabbage Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Okra, Potato, Sprouts.

Leafy vegetables - Lettuce,Spinach.

Fruits - apple, banana, coconut, dates, figs, grape, melons, pears, pomegranate.

The body cooling grains to consume in summer are barley, wheat, rice.

The cooling spices are coriander seeds, saffron.

Among legumes, green beans - Moong/mung, chana(garbanzo), rajma(kidney beans) .

Summer Foods - Drinks - Snacks recipes

Summer Drink Recipes

Kairi Panha - Aam panna

- Kairi - Aam Panha, Raw green mango drink for hot summer. Summer festival.


Mango lassi is made with mango, an Indian summer fruit and yogurt as a snack or for breakfast.

When mangoes are not in season, this can be made with mango pulp, store bought or home preserved.


Mango milkshake

Ripe mango, Indian summer fruit and milk - Summer filling drink.


Iced Coffee Recipes

Cool and refreshing on hot summer days.

Easy and quick to make.

How to make Tomato juice

Homemade tomato juice for breakfast or a snack or cool summer drink. Tomatoes are available through out the year.

Banana milkshake

Badam Milk - Almond Milk

About Lassi Recipes :-Cool Indian Yogurt Smoothie Recipes.

Salty Lassi - Cool Low fat drink Recipe.

Strawberry lassi

Sweet lassi

Banana lassi

Summer Raita Recipes

How to make yogurt

- Homemade yogurt / Dahi / Curd to use in raita and other dishes or to eat plain or flavored.

You can make lassi with yogurt.

Go to curd -  yogurt recipes

Onion tomato raita


Summer Raita Recipes

Indian Summer Sweets

Aamras - Indian mango puree

Aamras is a summer special dish.

Serve it as a desert by itself or with chapati or poori.


How to make Shrikhand - Srikhand - Hung curd dessert

Festival sweet - Curd/ Yogurt based dessert recipe, flavored with saffron and cardamom.


Carrot halwa - Gajar ka halwaCarrot halwa - Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa -Gajar ka halva

Easy To Make Sweet with Carrots and milk. Keeps in fridge for a week.


Dalia sheera / halwa

 - Healthy breakfast recipe with broken / cracked wheat.

To make it vegan, use coconut oil / vegetable oil instead of desi ghee.

Badam Kheer - Almond Kheer

Beetroot Halwa

Kheer - Diwali - Deepavali recipe

KhusKhus kheer - Ghasghase Payasa - Poppy seeds Kheer - South Indian Recipe

Summer Rice Recipes

Spicy Mango rice - Mavinkai chitranna

Mango rice made using sour green mango. Recipe from South India.


Easy to make South Indian rice recipe for festivals, breakfast and when you want a one dish meal.


How to make Moong dal and rice khichadi - Huggi

Easy to digest rice and mung bean lentil recipe. One Dish Meal.

Cook in pressure cooker or on the stove top.


Summer Rice Recipes

Sweet Coconut Rice -

Curd Rice - Cool Curd rice

Summer Snack / side dish Recipes

Ambe dal or kairichi dal is a Maharashtrian summer recipe, made with green mango and chana dal.


Chickpeas - chana -  kadle sundal

 Made with kabuli chana - garbanzo beans, prepared on festivals such as  Ganesh chaturthi and distributed to the devotees as prasad, also served as a healthy snack.

Dahi Vada -Dahi Bhalle

A popular yogurt based snack recipe. Good for festivals, summer season and as a party dish.

Known as thyir vade - mosaru vade in south Indian languages.

Gujrati Dhokla

- Gujarati steamed dhokla - khaman dhokla.

A steamed snack made with chickpea flour.


Summer Vegetable - side dish Recipes

Besan kadhi is made with gram flour and buttermilk or yogurt.

Serve as hot beverage or with plain rice or dal khichadi.


More vegetable recipes

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