Appetizers finger foods recipes

Indian vegetarian appetizers recipes

Appetizers finger foods recipes are enjoyed by most people. These are also known as Starters, Hors d'oeuvres, Entrées, Amuse-bouche etc.

Appetizers - Finger Foods - Starters

Ambode - Chana dal vada -

This South Indian dal vada recipe is a spicy snack recipe - Festival recipe, made with split chickpeas

Maddur vada-Vade

- Maddur vada is a specialty snack from Karnataka. It is yummy as a tea time snack or a picnic snack. Keeps for a week or so. Very convenient.

Vegetable samosa

Vegetable samosa is usually made with potatoes and peas.

Sabudana  -  sago vada  for Navaratri fasting - Upvas - Vrat


Vegetable cutlet recipe

Kids favorite recipe. Another way to get kids eat their vegetables.

Batata vada or aloo bonda

Batata vada is a popular snack item. It is served by itself along with chutney or stuffed in a pav/bun to make vada-pav.

Stir fried Chickpeas - Kabuli Chana sundal - Ghugri

 Made with kabuli chana - garbanzo beans, prepared on festivals such as  Ganesh chaturthi and distributed to the devotees as prasad, also served as a healthy snack.

- Gujarati steamed dhokla - khaman dhokla.

A steamed Gujarati snack made with chickpea flour.


Fried poha chivda

- This thick rice flakes recipe is made from thick poha / aval.

Keeps for weeks and easy to make and to pack and carry. It is a must for Diwali festival.

Thin poha chivda

- is made from thin beaten / flattened rice flakes as a easy snack.

It is a part of festival foods such as Diwali. Keeps for 3-4 weeks.

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