Green Mango and Ripe Mango recipes

Find here mango recipes. Raw and sour green mangoes as well as ripe and sweet mangoes are used in Indian cooking.

Mango is a seasonal fruit. Mango season starts during March with the raw green mangoes and ends in July with ripe mangoes.

The sour green mangoes are eaten by themselves and also used to make pickle, rice, juice etc.

The ripe and sweet mangoes are eaten by themselves and also in making desserts and sweets etc.

Raw green mango - Kairi - Mavinkai - Pachcha mangaRaw green mango - Kairi - Mavinkai - Pachcha manga
Ripe mangoesRipe mangoes

Raw green mango recipes

Gulamba - Murabba

Gulamba is a Maharashtrian way of cooking green or ripe mangoes in jaggery or sugar syrup.

This is a kind of jam and lasts for a few months and is served with chapati, poori, bread etc.

You may grate green mangoes or cut them in small pieces.


Ambe dal - Kairichi dal

Ambe dal or kairichi dal is a Maharashtrian summer recipe, made with green mango and chana dal.



Mavinkai gojju - Karnataka green mango relish

Mavinkayi gojju is a yummy mango recipe from Karnataka state. It is generally made with raw, green, lightly sour mango.

You can make and use it for a few weeks. It goes well with rice, chapati, dosa etc.


Green Mango pickle

- Also known as Kairiche lonche, mavinkai uppinkai, aam ka achar, manga oorgai

Kairi Panha - Aam panna

- Kairi - Aam Panha, Raw green mango drink for hot summer. Summer festival.

Mavinkai chitranna -  green mango rice

A south Indian recipe, mavinkai chitranna is made for Ugadi, new year festival.

Spicy Mango rice - Mavinkai chitranna

- Mango rice made using sour green mango. A recipe from South India.


Mango chutney - Kairi chutney

Ripe mango recipes

Ripe mango cut
Ripe mango piecesRipe mango pieces

Mango kalakand is a sweet made with Indian paneer and ripe mangoes.

Ripe fresh mangoes or mango pulp are used. when they are available in plenty in summer season.

Mango kalakand is a Indian milk paneer sweet recipe is a Summer sweet recipe.


Mango milkshake

Ripe mango, Indian summer fruit and milk - Summer filling drink.

Mango Lassi - Mango smoothie

Mango lassi is made with mango, an Indian summer fruit and yogurt as a snack or for breakfast.

When mangoes are not in season, this can be made with mango pulp, store bought or home preserved.


Aamras - Indian mango puree

Aamras is a summer special dish.

Serve it as a desert by itself or with chapati or poori.


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