Diabetic diet recipes - Diabetes foods

This diabetic diet recipes are for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks as well as hot and cold beverages.

Diabetic diet recipes - diabetic foods

Healthy Recipes : Healthy Low Calor...
Healthy Recipes : Healthy Low Calories Recipes

Ragi rotti - Finger millet flat bread

Nachaniche thalipeet, served with desi ghee and coconut chutney .

Or with your favorite chutney, pickle or curry.


Appam / Gundponglu/ paddu

Paddu is made with idli or dosa batter and is cooked in a special pan with depressions.

Instant finger millet ragi dosa

A finger millet flour pancake recipe.

Nachni / Ragi dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe and doesn't take long to prepare.

Dosa with coconut chutney, butterDosa with coconut chutney, butter

South Indian Dosa

 - South Indian / Vegan Pancake Recipe, made with rice and urad dal (white lentils). Breakfast / snack recipe.

Methi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat breadMethi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat bread

Methi paratha

- Indian Flat Bread with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour.

Soft steamed Idli

Soft idli with coconut chutney and sambar is a favorite healthy breakfast all over India though it originated in South India.


Fenugreek Methi puri - poori

Indian breakfast - snack - lunch box recipe, made with whole wheat flour and methi - fenugreek leaves.

Chapati - Chapatti - Chapathi- Indian flat breadChapati - Chapatti - Chapathi- Indian flat bread

Chapati - chapathi

 - Indian Flat Bread - made with whole wheat flour.


Naan Roti

Punjabi roti with maida (plain flour). North Indian flat bread cooked generally in a tandoor oven, a clay oven.

Amla - Gooseberry PickleAmla - Gooseberry Pickle

How to make Amla / Gooseberry pickle

 - Also known as awala achaar, nellikai uppinkai, avalyache lonche, nellikkai urgai.


Besan rava potato dosa - pancake

Besan rava potato pancake for breakfast or as a filling snack

Rava idli - Steamed Semolina cakes

South Indian breakfast or snack recipe


How to make Instant amla - gooseberry pickle

No need to wait for amla / gooseberry pickle to mature.

Vangyache Kaap - Shallow fried eggplantVangyache Kaap - Shallow fried eggplant

Vangyache kaap - shallow fried eggplant

This is a Maharashtrian vegetable side dish recipe. Useful for diabetics recipe.


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