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Jowar - Sorghum recipes

Sorghum or jowar or milo is considered as a millet, part of whole grains used Asia and Africa. Sorghum cultivation is done since eight thousand years.

Sorghum is also known as sorgo, sorgum. Sorghum / sorgum is grown in Asia and Africa. Nigeria is the largest producer of sorghum. India and United States are also large producers of sorghum/ sorgo.

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sorghum - jowar - jwari -cholam - jonnalu - jolasorghum - jowar - jwari -cholam - jonnalu - jola

Sorghum is known in Indian languages as jowar (hindi), jwari (marathi), jola (kannada), Cholam (Tamil) , Jonna (Telugu), Cholum (Malayalam).

Sorghum or jowar is a cereal grain. It is used as a substitute for wheat by many. It is easy to grow as it is heat and drought tolerant.

In India, in states such as Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra. It is made into flour to make roti bread or bhakri.

Sorghum kernels grow in different colors. White, pale yellow,deep reds, purples and brown. White, bronze, and brown are more commonaly used. In India, white jowar grain is in demand.

Sorghum - Jowar - Millet nutrition info

Sorghum / jowar, the healthy whole grain has many nutritional benefits.

  • Sorgum is gluten free and is beneficial to those with celiac disease.
  • It is rich in minerals, lowers cholesterol. Contains dietary fiber.
  • It helps diabetics as it digests slowly.
  • It is very nutritious and non glutinous.
  • It is not acid forming, is soothing to the stomach and easy to digest.
  • Millet are least allergic.
  • Millets are very high in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.
  • It is helpful to those who are looking for some weight loss.
  • It lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease.
  • It is low in saturated fat and sodium
  • It contains no sugar and cholesterol
  • rich in phytonutrients
  • Some varieties of sorghum are rich in antioxidants.
sorghum - jowar - jwari -cholam - jonnalu - jolasorghum - jowar - jwari -cholam - jonnalu - jola

Uses of sorghum - Jowar - Millet

Sorghum is mainly used as food. It is also used as animal feed/fodder for birds and cattle. It is mainly considered as a staple of poor or rural people as is is cheaper than wheat.

Sorghum can be used in making pizza, breads, muffins, pancakes, cookies etc.

In India it is mainly used in making flat breads known as bhakri or rotla.

It can be boiled and cooked like rice and made into khichadi (khichuri).

It can be made into porridge or gruel(kanji).

Sorghum can be sprouted or fermented which increases it's nutritional value. Alchololic and non-alchoholic beverages are made from sorghum.

Sorghum - jowar recipes

Thalipeet - jowar flour roti- Sorghum flatbread

- Maharashtrian or North Karnataka recipe. Serve with homemade butter or with your favorite chutney, pickle, curry or a bowl or fresh yogurt.

Serve for breakfast or as a quick meal at lunch or dinner.


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