Finger millet ragi recipes

Known as Ragi - Nachni - Manduva

Finger millet is known in Indian languages as Sattu/Mandua(Hindi), ragi (Kannada), nachani/nagli (Marathi), Ragulu (Telugu), Malayalam (Koovarugu), Kelvargu (Tamil). Ragi has been in use since ages in India.

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For some time, people got attracted to other grains but since a few years people are coming back to use millet and finger millet in particular.  Some people are put off by it's dark brown color. It just looks like chocolate.

easy it is to grow It’s used to make bread, beer, and cereal. Today, finger millet can be found in health food stores and large supermarkets throughout the US, and it’s widely used as an alternative to wheat or other grains.

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There are many health benefits of using finger millet in your diet. It has protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber,  Potassium, B vitamins and minerals. It has the highest calcium content among all cereals per 100 gms.

Finger millet is a good source of :

Vitamin A, B, calcium, iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, antioxidants.

It helps in reducing fatigue and is good for diabetics.  It takes longer time to digest. 

It has high fiber content and helps with digestive system.

If you do not know many recipes using finger millets, we are here to help you. You can make a variety of recipes, breakfast dishes, snacks with finger millets.

finger millet ragi nachani recipes

A finger millet flour pancake recipe.

Nachni / Ragi dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe and doesn't take long to prepare.


Ragi is also known as nachni.

Nachaniche thalipeet, served with desi ghee and coconut chutney .

Or with your favorite chutney, pickle or curry.


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