Cooking Ingredients Glossary

You will find on this page the lists of Cooking Ingredients used in Indian Vegetarian Recipes.

The lists have names of ingredients in English and three other Indian languages.

As this is a vegetarian recipes website, we include only the items used in vegetarian cooking.

Indian vegetarian cooking uses a variety of ingredients available locally. The spices, grains , vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts and seeds make Indian food colorful , tasty and healthy and popular locally as well as internationally.

We would like to make this a comprehensive list of ingredients. If you find any ingredients missing, please use our contact form to inform us. We are always adding more information about ingredients.

We will also be adding information about the health benefits of the ingredients.

Hope you find these ingredients lists useful.

Cooking Ingredients glossary pages



Spices - Masala


Flours - made with grains

Whole wheat flour recipes

Whole wheat flour/ atta / gavhache peeth, kanik is considered healthier than plain flour(maida).

Besan - Split Chickpea flourBesan - Split Chickpea flour

Besan - split chickpea flour recipes

Lentils - Pulses



Dairy products

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