List of Indian Spices - Fresh spices & Dry spices

Spice names in Indian Languages

This list of spices contains the Indian spices that are commonly used in Indian cooking. Here we have fresh spices and dried spices. Find below the spice names in Indian languages.

These spices come from different parts of plants. Flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, fruits etc. The spices include barks such as cinnamon, leaves such as bay leaf, curry leaf, flowers such as star anise etc.

You will find the spices listed here in Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada along with English.

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List of Fresh Spices with English and Indian names

green chili
Green Chili Pepper
Hari Mirch Hirvi mirchi Hasi Menasinkai, hasi mensu
red chili
Chile Pepper - red
Lal Mirch Lal mirchi Kempu Menasinkai, hasi kempu mensu
cilantro, coriander leaves
Fresh coriander, Cilantro, Chinese /Japanese Parsley
Hara Dhania Hirvi Kothimbir Kothambari soppu
curry leaf
Curry leaves
Kadhi patta, kadi patta Kadhilimb Karibevu soppu
garlic, lahasun
Lassan,Lahasan Lasun Bellulli
fresh ginger, adarak
Ginger - fresh
Adrak Ale Alla, Hasi sunti
turmeric root
Turmeric root
Haldi Oli Halad Arishina beru

List of Dry Spices with English and Indian names

English Hindi Marathi Kannada
Allspice Kebab cheeni
asafotida, hing spice
Asafoetida - Asafetida
Hing Hinga Hingu, ingu
bay leaves, tamal patri
Bay leaf - bay leaves
Tej patta Tamal patri Pulav yele, masala yele, patre
ajwain carom
Carom Seeds, Ajwain, Ajave
Ajwain Ajwain, owa, ova Om kalu
anise, sonfu
Anise Seeds, Aniseed, Sweet Cumin
Saunf Badishep, shepa sompu
caraway seeds, shahi jeera
Caraway Seeds, Black Cumin
Kala jeera, shah jeera shahjeere
kali mirch
Black Pepper
Kali mirch Kali miri, kale mire Kari mensu, kalu menasu
cardamom seeds
Choti Elaichi Veldoda,veldode, velchi Yelakki, yalakki
black cardamom
Black Cardamom
Badi Elaichi, moti elaichi Masala Veldoda, veldode Dodda Yelakki
celery seeds
Celery seeds
Ajmod,Shalari, Ajmud, Randhuni Ajmoda
cinnamon, dalchini
Dalchini Dalchini Dalchini, chakke
cloves, lavanga
Lavang, Laung Lavang Lavanga
coriander seeds, dhania
Coriander seeds
Saboot Dhania Dhane Kothambari beeja
cumin jeersCumin,sweet cumin Jira, Zira Jire Jeerige
dill, shepu
Dill Seed
Savaa / Soa Shepu sabasige, sabbasige
fennel sompu
Fennel Large Cumin, Sweet Fennel
saunf shepa, badishope Dodda jeerige
methi, fenugreek
Fenugreek Seeds, Foenugreek
Methidana Methi Menthe kalu, menthya
dry ginger, sunth
Ginger - dry
saunth sunth ona sunti
Licorice Root, Sweetroot, Liquorice
Jeshthamadh Jeshthamadh Jeshthamadh

javitri jaypatri javitri
mustard-seed, sarson, rai
Mustard Seed
rai,sarso Rai, mohari, Mohori Sasive kalu
nutmeg, jaiphal
jaiphal jaiphal jajikayi

red chili
Red Chili powder
Lal Mirch powder Lal mirchi pavdar Kempu Menasinkai pudi, kempu mensupudi

Onion, nigella, black caraway seeds
Kalonji, Kalaunji, mangrail Kalonji Kalaunji, Krishna Jeerige, Karijirigi,
pepper corn, miri, kali mirch
Peppercorn Seeds
Kalimirch saboot kali miri Kari Menasu kalu
white pepper corn
White peppercorn
Safed mirch
khuskhus, poppy seeds
Poppy Seeds
Khaskhas Khaskhas ghasghase
saffron strands, kesar
Kesar, jaffaran, zaffaran Kesar Kesari

Star Anise
Badal Phool/Ananasphal / chakra phool Chakra phool Hoovu, chakra maggi
turmeric powder<
Imli Chinch Hunse hannu
turmeric powder
Turmeric powder
Haldi Halad pavdar Arishina pudi

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