Cooking dal, paneer and subzi with masala

by Ashish

We always use both of garam masala and kitchen king in the dals, paneer and subzis etc.

Garam masala is quite heavy. So my question is that can we use only kitchen king in the cooking or we should also use garam masal in quite less quantity?

Pls answer me.


Hi Ashish,

In my opinion, if you are using kitchen king masala, there is no need to use garam masala. Add garam masala only if / when you like the extra spiciness.

Kitchen king masala is made by many food product companies such as Everest, Badsha, Suhana, Kapol, Sahiba, Bharat, Ganga, Shahi etc.

Every company has the spices / ingredients in varying quantities as well as quality.

So the taste and spiciness of each company’s masala is likely to differ.

You can choose your kitchen king masala by looking at the ingredients and considering your / family’s taste.

My personal choice

I think adding only a few spices make a dish tastier when it comes to daily cooking. Making a dish spicier once in a while makes it more enjoyable.

I sometimes make dal with only dhania powder, jeera powder and red chili powder and ginger (paste or chopped fine). I add garlic sometimes. Even though the number of spices is limited, the dal tastes great. Do try that sometime.

With paneer, I do like to use a little more spices.

With subji, it depends on which vegetable it is.

Vegetables, which have their own flavors, I prefer to use less masala as I want to enjoy the basic vegetable flavor/aroma and taste.

Hope you find this information useful.

Have a great day!

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Oct 02, 2015
Good post
by: Selina Hettinger

Hi! Thanks for your great articles!

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