Spinach Soup Recipe

by Rajeswari Ravikumar

This Palak soup or spinach soup recipe is rich in natural fiber, calcium and iron.

The addition of oats improves the nutrition of this palak soup. Good for dieting individuals.

This is another way you can add the green leafy vegetable such as spinach/palak to your family's diet.

You may use tender spinach stems too along with spinach leaves in this soup recipe.

How to make spinach soup

Ingredients for spinach soup:

spinach palak

  • spinach leaves-1 cup

  • oats-1/4 cup

  • pepper powder-2 teaspoon

  • lime juice-1 teaspoon

  • milk-1/4 cup

  • salt-to taste

  • water

  • Preparation of spinach - Palak soup:

    Wash well and drain the spinach leaves on a colander.

    Boil 1 litre of water. Then add spinach leaves and oats to boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes to cook well.

    Then smash the spinach leaves nicely.

    Add the remaining ingredients to the boiling mix.

    Switch off the flame.

    Now tasty and healthy soup is ready to serve!

    Serve it as a healthy snack too when the kids return from school along with some bread.

    For variation, you may add chopped garlic, ginger or ginger garlic paste when the water is boiling.

    Add chopped coriander(cilantro/dhania) leaves when you take it off the flame for wonderful flavor.

    Enjoy good natural food!

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