Dry coriander leaves chutney recipe
Cilantro chutney recipe

by Shobana Viswanathan

Make this dry coriander or cilantro leaves chutney when you have time.

And then use it when you are in a hurry and want a spicy accompaniment to your meal.

You can use it with rice, bread, chapati, bread toast, dosa, uttapam etc.

This chutney is full of flavor of coriander leaves.

How to make coriander / Cilantro leaves dry chutney

Ingredients required for coriander chutney

One big bunch of coriander(cilantro) leaves

one big lemon size tamarind,

half cup of urad dal,

7 to 8 red chillies, add more or less according to taste.

salt to taste,

two spoons jaggery powder.

Preparation to do before cooking

Clean coriander, wash it and chop it and leave it open preferably on a news paper overnight, as it should be totally dry.

Step by step cooking instructions -

In a dry pan, add urad dal and red chillies and fry in very little oil.

When the urad dal turns slightly red, remove from flame.

Then in the same hot pan heat the tamarind and turn it around for a minute so that it becomes hot and dry.

Grinding instructions:

Lots of patience is needed to grind this dry chutney.

Add fried urad dal,red chilies, tamarind,jaggery and salt. Dry grind it.

When the above ingredients are ground well, add the coriander leaves( about one big cup) and grind.

Go on turning the coriander leaves and the ingredients at intervals, so that a good dry chutney is formed.

Taste it. If salt or more jaggery is needed, add and continue grinding. Your dry coriander chutney is ready.

It can be stored in a dry bottle in fridge for about a fortnight.

Make it chatpata or mild according to your taste.

Serving suggestions

The dry coriander chutney can be had with dosas, idlis, curd rice, and stuffed paranthas. It tastes yummy with bread toast.

What variations can you make with this recipe? The same chutney can be made with coriander leaves, green chilies and tamarind with little water. Mustard seeds and little hing can be added as wagar.

This can be made when there is no time to dry the coriander leaves.This wet chutney cannot be stored.

Why do you or your family like this recipe?

We love it for the flavor of coriander,the zing in the taste it brings with the dishes and a lovely yummy taste it gives with curd rice. Coriander leaves is also very good for health.

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Cilantro chutney recipe

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Oct 12, 2015
by: Mandi

I am a vegan and this site has helped me by offering easy to cook vegan recipes. This post about the dry coriander leaves chutney proved to be an interesting one. I am a fan of chutney and will surely try this recipe out.

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