Healthy Millet Recipes

There are many millet recipes among Indian food recipes. Millet is being used in India for thousands of years. India is one of the top millet producers in the world.

Millet is one of the commonly used among other whole grains. It is used as cereals, in soups, in breads, in baby food, as breakfast porridge and in other breakfast recipes

Millet is used in flour form too. It is also used as bird and cattle feed.

foxtail sorghum finger millet 500x464Types of millet - Jowar, Nachni, navane(rale), bajra

The different types of these millet whole grains known in India are bajra, ragi (finger millet, nachani).

Sorghum is called jowar in Indian languages. Nachani (ragi - finger millet) is used more in the south Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Bajra and Jowar flour is used in Maharashtra, Gujarat and north Karnataka region. Bajra and jowar are used to make flat millet bread recipes called Bhakari in maharashtra, rotla in Gujarat.

These millet grains are also use to make dosa, rotti(thalipit).

Ragi grain is malted and mixed with milk, water or yogurt and eaten at breakfast time. Sweets such as halbai, kheer are made with sprouted ragi flour. The sprouted ragi is used to make baby food. It is also useful for elderly people as it is easy to digest.

Millet can be used in many dishes instead of other grains such as buckwheat, rice, or quinoa.

Millet is good to use in breads along with other grains. It can be added in soups and stews to give extra body. It also gives a nice crunchy texture to quick breads and muffins.

Below you will find millet recipes. I am sure you will find these healthy recipes below useful.

Healthy Millet Recipes

Jwarichi Ukad - Steamed Sorghum -
jowar flour Breakfast

sorghum jwari ukad-500x520

Jwarichi ukad or steamed jowar flour is a quick healthy breakfast recipe.

It is a popular Maharashtrian dish made from sorghum/jowar flour. It takes just 5 minutes to make.


Ragi rotti - Finger millet flat bread

Ragi is also known as nachni.

Nachaniche thalipeet, served with desi ghee and coconut chutney .

Or with your favorite chutney, pickle or curry.


Jwarichya peethache Thalipeet- Sorghum flour flat bread

- Maharashtrian or North Karnataka recipe. Serve with homemade butter or with your favorite chutney, pickle, curry or a bowl or fresh yogurt.

Serve for breakfast or as a quick meal at lunch or dinner.


Instant finger millet ragi dosa

A finger millet flour pancake recipe.

Nachni / Ragi dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe and doesn't take long to prepare.


Types of Millet

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