Indian Paratha Recipes

This list of Indian paratha recipes is commonly made in the northern states of India. Now a days it is made in other regions too. There are many vegetables varieties that you can add.

Use seasonal vegetables or you may also use dals / lentils. Parathas can be made with fresh or leftover vegetables and dals.

Turn your leftover vegetable side dishes or curries in delicious parathas for breakfast or lunch to solve the problems of leftovers.

Parathas can be made for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a filling snack. Once you have dough and the filling ready, you can make parathas very quickly, within a few minutes.

Some parathas are made by mixing the vegetables or dals in the dough itself, such as methi paratha or palak paratha.

Some parathas are made by making the flour dough and a separate filling / stuffing, such as aloo paratha or muli/radish paratha.

Both parathas taste great.

Paratha recipes

Methi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat breadMethi paratha - Fenugreek leaves flat bread

Indian Flat Bread with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour.


Potato stuffed whole wheat flour flat bread, a north Indian recipe.


- Spinach and whole wheat flour flat bread


Methi Paratha

Methi Aloo Paratha

Paratha - North Indian Rich Flat Bread

Mixed veg whole grain flour paratha

Aloo Paratha in oven

Punjabi aloo paratha

Paneer capsicum onion stuffed paratha

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