Groundnut Peanut Recipes

Here is a list of groundnut - peanut recipes on this website.

Peanuts are also known as groundnuts. In Indian languages, peanut is known as singdana, shengdana, shenga, kadlekai beeja, kadlekai, moongphali etc.

shelled raw peanuts - groundnuts
Unshelled peanuts

Peanuts grow under the ground. That is why they are also known as ground nuts.

Peanut shells are hard and have to be removed before you can use the inner seeds.

Peanuts in shells

The inner seeds are reddish in color. That is their skin is reddish. When you remove the thin skin, the peanuts are whitish/creamish in color.

shelled raw peanuts - groundnuts

You do not really need to remove the skin for all the recipes. Many recipes can be made without removing skins.

Roasted peanuts - Groundnuts

If you need to remove the skin, you may do it after roasting or by soaking in water.

Groundnut - peanut recipes

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