Maharashtrian cuisine - Marathi recipes

Maharashtrian recipes - Marathi foods

Maharashtrian cuisine and Marathi recipes are known not only in India but outside too. Though the Marathi cuisine is known for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food, we will include here only vegetarian dishes.

Maharashtra is a western state in India. The language spoken is Marathi which originated from Sanskrit like other Indian languages. Marathi is written in Devnagari script.

You can see some maharashtrian dishes in the image below which includes snacks, breakfast, sweets etc.

Every Indian state has its own special cuisine. Maharashtra is no exception to this.

The Maharashtrian diet is balanced and includes seasonal ingredients. Maharashtrian cuisine includes rice as well as wheat dishes.

Along with rice and wheat, millet varieties such as jowar (sorghum), bajra (), nachani (finger millet) etc. are included in most meals.

The taste ranges from mildly spicy to very spicy dishes. The dishes include faral (snacks and appetizers), lonchi (pickles), poli (varieties of flat breads), bhaat (rice dishes), koshimbir (salads), murabbe (jams and jellies), bhaji (vegetable dishes), daliche padarth (lentil dal dishes) , gode padarth (sweets and desserts) etc.

The festivals have their own special dishes which include both sweets and savories. These use the seasonal ingredients. The coastal konkan area uses more rice as well as coconuts and has a sweetish taste.

The other areas (ghaati) generally make more chili hot food. They also use peanuts / groundnuts (shengdana) in their dishes.

The everyday meal is served in a thali (plate) where rice, bread such as ghadichi poli (chapati) , bhakri (made with jowar, bajra or rice flour) , amti (a lentil / dal curry), one or two vegetable dishes, curd (plain yogurt) / buttermilk are served.

Breakfast includes kanda pohe, batata pohe, tikhat sanja (upma), sheera , sabudana khichadi, sabudana vada, missal - pav, usal, poori, amboli (pancake) etc.

The snacks include batata vada (aloo bonda – Potato ), chivda, vada-pav, kothimbir vadi, methiche vade etc.

You will find some of the Maharashtrian dishes on this website listed here.

We keep adding more as the Maharashtrian cuisine includes a very vast variety of dishes. If you are familiar with Maharashtrian recipes, you may already know these dishes. You may also submit your favorite Maharashtrian dishes at the bottom.

Maharashtrian Recipes - Marathi Recipes

Maharashtrian breakfast snack recipes

Ratalyacha kees is a Maharashtrian grated sweet potato stir fry recipe.

Made for vrat / upvas or breakfast or a quick snack.

Winter foods recipes


 - Quick Snack with fresh or a day old - leftover bread.


- Maharashtrian or North Karnataka recipe. Serve with homemade butter or with your favorite chutney, pickle, curry or a bowl or fresh yogurt.

Serve for breakfast or as a quick meal at lunch or dinner.


- Made in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka.


Sabudana  -  sago vada  for Navaratri fasting - Upvas - Vrat


Maharashtrian roti - bread recipes

Chapati - Chapatti - Chapathi- Indian flat breadChapati - Chapatti - Chapathi- Indian flat bread

Indian Flat Bread - made with whole wheat flour.

Most Indian households make this chapati everyday.


Poori - Indian Fry bread

Made with whole wheat flour. Serve for breakfast, lunch, dinner. It also be made with maida(plain flour).

This Indian no fat / low fat bread is made with Whole wheat flour. Served hot for lunch or dinner.


Maharashtrian vegetable side dish recipes - Rassa Bhaji Recipes

Batata kachrya - Potato stirfry

Batata kacharya Potato stir fry

Maharashtrian potato side dish


Read in Marathi

Potato masala subji served with Poori - Chapati - dosa


Potato  curry - aloo curry

- A potato currry to accompany breads such as chapati, paratha, poori.

cabbage chana dal subjicabbage chana dal subji

Kobichi bhaji - Cabbage / Gobi Subji

- Kosu palya / kobichi bhaji. Serve with rice or roti.


Kohlrabi - navalkol bhaji - knolkol subji

- Serve with plain steamed rice or chapati

Stuffed Eggplant - Bharli Vangi - Tumbid Badnekai - Bharwa baingan - Yennegai

Serve with rice or roti, chapati, bhakri. A Karnataka recipe.


Maharashtrian sweets - desserts recipes

How to make Shankarpale - Shakkarpare

Shankarpale or shakkarpare Festival sweet recipe for Diwali or Christmas festival.


Diwali sweets recipes

How to make Basundi - Indian milk dessert

This rich dessert is a Maharastrian / Gujarati recipe. Prepare in advance. Keep in fridge for a week and serve when you want.


Semiya payasam - vermicelli pudding - Sevai kheer - Shavige payasa, Traditional Indian sweet - dessert.

Easy to make and doesn't take a long time. Can keep in fridge for 3 days. Serve hot or cold.


How to make Besan laddoo - Chickpea flour balls

Besan laddo is made with bengal gram dal flour / chickpea flour. A must for traditional festivals such as Diwali festival.


Sheera - Semolina Halwa - Sooji Halwa

- A rava / Semolina / cream of wheat dish. Breakfast / snack / sweet. Known as sajjige, kesari, sanja in Indian languages.

How to make Shrikhand - Srikhand - Hung curd dessert

Festival sweet - Curd/ Yogurt based dessert recipe, flavored with saffron and cardamom.


How to make Besan burfi - Indian dessert

Besan burfi - Indian dessert and festival sweet recipe made with Besan / gram flour/ chickpea flour.

How to make Kaju katli - Kaju katri - Indian cashewnut fudge

Indian Festival - dessert recipe - Quick and easy to make. Keeps for long.


Dalia sheera / halwa

 - Healthy breakfast recipe with broken / cracked wheat.

To make it vegan, use coconut oil / vegetable oil instead of desi ghee.

Maharashtrian chutney recipes

Horsegram - Kulith - Kulthi chutney.

This chutney is healthy and has a long shelf life.


Puthani - hurigadale chutney powder

is served with chapati, rice, dosa. Sprinkle or spread on sandwiches etc.


Coconut green chutney

- made with fresh grated coconut, roasted gram (puthani), coriander leaves and green chilies.

Accompaniment for idli, dosa, uttappa, chapati , rava idli etc.


How to make  peanut - groundnut - shenga chutney - danyachi chutney

Peanut / Shenga chutney powder goes well with jowar roti, chapati, dosa, idli, poori, sandwich etc.

Maharashtrian drink recipes

Kairi Panha - Aam panna

- Kairi - Aam Panha, Raw green mango drink for hot summer. Summer festival.


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