Easy Rice Flour Modak - Sweet Dumplings Recipe

by Shobana Viswanathan

These easy rice flour modak or sweet dumplings recipe can be made for breakfast or snack.

You may also serve it as a sweet dish for lunch.

It is a quick recipe so you can make it you have limited time to prepare food.

Make it as a sweet when guests arrive unannounced.

How to make easy rice flour modak

List of ingredients and the quantity for rice flour modaks

1 cup rice flour,
1 cup jaggery,
2 cups water,
2 teaspoon of ghee,
little crdamom powder according to your taste.

Preparation to do before cooking

In a heavy bottomed pan, saute the rice flour dry continuously, until the flour becomes off white in colour. It should not stick to the fingers when touched.
In the mean time add water to the jaggery, keep it for about 10 minutes.

Step by step cooking instructions

Keep the jaggery and water mixture on the gas and stir it in low fire, so that jaggery mixes well in the water.
Let it boil for two minutes so that the raw smell of jaggery goes away.
Then add the roasted rice flour stirring continuously until the water dries well.
Remove from flame, add a spoon of ghee, cardamom powder and mix without any lumps.
Now the dough is ready to form into modaks.
Make small round shaped balls from the dough. Place on a plate and Smear ghee in the pan and steam modaks for five minutes.
Your modaks are ready.

Serving suggestions

These modaks can be had just like that.
Tastes good either hot or even otherwise.

What variations can you make with this recipe?

Actually in every south indian house this modaks are made as a prashad for Ganpati Bappa.

Why do you or your family like this recipe?

Its easy to make. Takes just 20 minutes to make. As no much ghee or oil is added, easy on the stomach.
Can be given to children in their tiffin box.
Can be had as a evening snack.

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