Drumstick Soup Recipe

by Anikutty

Drumsticks are also known as Sahijan(hindi), murungai(tamil), shevagyachya shenga(marathi), nuggekai(kannada). Moringa oleifera is the botanical name for this vegetable.

This drumstick soup recipe is very good for relief from Cold.

Use only fresh and thin drumsticks for making this soup.

Ingredients for drumstick soup

-Drumsticks 6
-Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
-Small Onion - 1

Method to make drumstick soup - sahijan soup

1. Scrape the drumsticks using knife or peeler. Wash well.
2. Cut them into 2" pieces. And then slit them vertically
3. Boil it with water in a bowl till nicely cooked with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder. You may also pressure cook them.
4. Drain and keep water aside.
5. Remove the flesh of drumstick with a spoon and add it to the drained water.
6. Mix it nicely and mash it a little. or blend it in a blender.
7 Boil again by adding salt and pepper powder.


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by: Peter

The drumstick soup recipe that is shared here on the page is so interesting. I always love trying out new and variety recipes that are tasty and awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this superb recipe. Keep up

Drumstick soup recipe
by: Anonymous

I will definitely try these recipe.

This drumstick soup recipe is new for me.
by: Namita


I have never heard of drumstick soup. I love drumsticks but make only sambar with it mostly. Will definitely try this.

Thanks for sharing!

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