Rava Chilla Sandwich Recipe

by Vimmi Malhotra
(Delhi, India )

This Rava chilla sandwich recipe is easy to make.

The ingredients are usually available in the kitchen.

You can make it for breakfast, as a snack when the kids return home from school etc.

You may use your favorite vegetables in this recipe.

This is another way of adding some vegetables to your meals.

How to make Rava chilla sandwich

Ingredients for rava chilla sandwich

2 cups - Rawa (rava - semolina - cream of wheat)
1 cup - curd / yoghurt
1/2 cup - water
Mixed vegetables chopped - onion, tomato, capsicum
1 Carrot - grated
1/4 bowl - fresh peas
Coriander leaves, chopped - 1 tbsp
salt & pepper - according to taste
green chillies, chopped(optional) - 1 or according to taste.
bread slices - as needed
schezwan sauce(for spreading )

Making rava chilla sandwich

1. Mix rawa, curd and water. Keep aside for at least 1 hour for fermentation.
2. Add all the vegetables and coriander.
3. You Can also add green chillies for spiciness.
4. Now add salt and pepper according to the taste.
5. Heat a non-stick tawa(girdle /skillet) and spread little butter/ oil over the tawa once heated.
6. Now spread a laddleful mixture carefully over the tawa in a circle, about the size of your bread slice. Keep the heat medium.
7.Let cook till the top side change color. You may cover it to cook faster.
8. Once the bottom is cooked properly, turn over and let it cook on the other side and get crisp.

Assembling the sandwich

8. Now take one slice of bread and spread schezwan sauce.
9. Now keep the cooked chilla over the bread slice and put another slice of bread over it.
10. Serve it with schezwan sauce .

You may use toasted bread slices for this.

You may make chilla in advance and heat up before assembling the sandwich.

My family loved to eat this rava chilla sandwich .... specially in rainy season....

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    Oct 08, 2015
    Good post
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    seems to be good in taste
    by: shilpa

    i think that u are a great cook vimmi . i juast have look in all your recipes, and there is something new in each of them .

    Aug 20, 2014
    good in taste
    by: reema

    I really like to eat chilla . But this is first time to make a rava chilla. it was so crispy and eating it with schezwan sauce makes it so good.

    Aug 18, 2014
    easy and tasty recipe
    by: Riya

    I tried this recipe..... it was very easy to make and tasty also...by adding schezwan sauce , it becomes delicious....
    thanks for sharing ur recipe..

    Aug 18, 2014
    Nice sandwich recipe
    by: Nina

    Seems to be a easy and good recipe. my kids love a variety of sandwiches. I will try this one.


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